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  1. Flash and video presentations that can represent all of the fallen heroes of the military services or homeland security can be submitted for consideration . . . and only by the copyright owner.  (The presentation can also be about heroes of a particular war or event.)

  2. Pictorial salute listing all the heroes of a special event (e.g. Heroes of WTC on 9/11/2001).

  3. Must be at least 14 years old

  • Send email to USA Patriotism! with the following information...

    • Detailed description and purpose of tribute along with...

    • Type of presentation -- Flash, Video, or Pictorial

      • If Flash or Video

        • File size and length of playing time

        • Online location for viewing purposes (Do not include as an attachment)

      • If Pictorial - Number of photos (Do not include as an attachment)

    • Your full name (Must be creator / copyright owner of flash / video)

    • Author / Copyright Ownership Acknowledgement of Flash or Video
      I confirm that I am the author and copyright owner (or legal representative) of all artistic material furnished to USA Patriotism! for listing in its Tributes section.

Email Verification Process... USA Patriotism! requires email verification to guard against spam, which means a first time email will result in an email from USA Patriotism! requesting you to reply to it before your submission can be received.

Content submission is only accepted via the USA Patriotism! online process
and will not be considered if sent by US Mail or another physical delivery service.

USA Patriotism Contributor's Badge SampleYou will be contacted within three weeks if your tribute presentation has been accepted for listing and what will be required for its listing.  Owners of selected work will also receive a contributor's badge for display on their site.

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