Submitting / Posting Creative Content - Closed

General information and Patriots guidelines followed by specific category description and associated posting / submission guidelines of creative patriotic content ... by registered users and guests ... including specific ones for students through the 12th grade.
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Submitting / Posting Creative Content - Closed

Post by Patriots » May 4th, 2019, 2:34 pm

Effective May 3, 2019 ... new content is no longer being added to Patriots. The following guidelines will remain listed to allow visitors to see what was required to list content at Patriots.

Patriots ... General Submission Guidelines

Patriots is set-up to allow submission as a guest (visitor) ... with only USA Patriotism! staff and volunteers registered ... to review and approve visitors' submissions that must be their own creative effort!
  • Guest Posting still involves … listing a username for a post with CAPTCHA ... that might include a challenge–response security ... with a pop-up window. (Make sure your browser settings allow a pop-up window ... or your submission will result in a failed security challenge and will not be processed.)
  • Since all submissions are queued for moderator approval ... the time your submission will officially be listed might take a few hours or several days depending on the number of submissions ahead of yours to be reviewed ... and moderators available to review at any given time … You should receive a notification when your submissions is available for public viewing at Patriots.
  • USA Patriotism! doesn't respond to phone calls/voicemails about posting issues … You can only contact the administrator "Patriots" via the Patriots board for assistance, which can include sending an email with your article, poem, and image submission ... with only the respective link to a proprietary patriotic produced video at YouTube that must include information about the video and a copyright ownership statement.
Subject matter must be positive in nature as the purpose is expressing one's pride of the USA whether it is about a person, place, item, and etc. (Political and partisan references cannot be included.)

All submitted articles/essays, photos/images, poems, and videos listed at Patriots (USA Patriotism!) also grants use of sharing them on its pages at Facebook and other social sites ... in association with links back to the respective page at USA Patriotism! ... as it is about making more fellow Americans and others aware of the respective expression of pride of America by you!

Special Note To Returning Content Contributors ... If your proprietary article and/or poem was written before 2016 ... make sure you didn't submitted it for listing in the original Articles and Poem categories that no longer take submissions ... by searching for your name and then respective title via the search box in the site navbar at the top of the page and not with search function within the Patriots section.


Submissions by Students Through The 12 Grade

Creative content by students through the 12 grade ... must reference ... the student's grade level below his/her name after the essay, photo/image, poem, or video ... with the name of the school optional.

Also ... (SP) ... must be listed in the ... Topic Title box ... after the respective content's title ... as it denotes was by a student. Example... "Saluting Our Brave Troops" (SP)

Parents, teachers, and youth organization representatives can also submit a creative content for a child / student at Student Patriots. (Students 12 years old and under need a parent or legal guardian . . . or their permission for a teacher or youth organization representative to submit a essay, photo/image, poem, or video for them... Only the first name of a student should be listed unless the parent allows otherwise.)

Teachers or a youth organization representative can submit multiple creative patriotic content by their students / members in association with an assignment / project. A separate topic per writing still applies. (Please include a reference about the project along with any associated recognition of the student's effort.).


Submitting At A Forum

Article and Essay Submission Guidelines

Article / Essay must be at least 300 words created by you ... without plagiarizing from another writer.

Adding images created by you through photography or another artistic approach are welcomed. Use of another person's photo or other artistic image must be public domain (not copyright protected) and with credit given to the photographer / artist under the image or noted at the end of the article or essay.

You are encouraged to include a copyright reference below your article.

Submit copyright owned ARTICLE/ESSAY under respective category


Photo / Image Submission Guidelines

The photo / image must be created by you through photography or another artistic approach and can be up to 900 x 900 pixels with a 115KB maximum compressed file size.

A description is required along with your first and last name.

Also, provide a use permission statement if the image can be used by visitors with copyright reference to you. Or after the description ... you can provide your email address in a statement for anyone wishing to contact your for use permission of your copyright image.

Submit copyright owned PHOTO/IMAGE under respective category


Poem Submission Guidelines

Poems must be creatively written by you (copyright owner) with proper verse and stanza format ... meaning line breaks, accordingly.

Make sure to include your first and last name along with the year the poem was created and an associated copyright reference. It is also advisable to state if use permission is allowed or provide your email address if you wish to approve requests on an individual basis. You can also state that the poem cannot be used outside of its listing at USA Patriotism!

Submit copyright owned POEM under respective category


Video Submission Guidelines

The patriotic video, including music, must be produced by the submitter with copyright ownership or legal representative of the copyright owner ... and listed at Patriots via the "share link" from your YouTube page / channel, Facebook page, or Vimeo ... allowing easy viewing with all platforms including smart phones.

Videos produced by another person even if listed at YouTube or other similar video services cannot be submitted by you ... Only USA Patriotism! moderators can list patriotic videos from a YouTube channel ... with associated credit to the video's producer.

Submit copyright owned VIDEO under respective category


You can click on the respective Category Title (e.g. Patriotic Photos / Images) to see the specific posting guidelines
for all the forums in the category. These guidelines must be followed for your submission to be reviewed for approval.
USA Patriotism!