Number 1 Patriot by James Call (SP)

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Number 1 Patriot by James Call (SP)

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Number 1 Patriot

She waves hello and goodbye,
She stands for hope and mourning when soldiers die,
she deploys where ever told.

Waiving proud and never alone
her fate is forever set in stone,
she acquired a tear when Washington crossed the Delaware

She was all patched up, but forced to run
at the first civil war battle in 1861.
She has suffered rips, tears, and burn
to her original state never to return.

As each day ends and we remember the fallen
we fold the flag with honor and glory
to pay respect to the men who complete tasks
unhuman and gory, she is never to be forgotten in history.

She waves everyday and every night,
Standing tall in the middle of every fight.
Not that we would ever be charged admission
to see the flag . . . is our Number 1 Patriot.

James Call (SP)
11th Grade
Copyright 2009
Originally Listed December 22, 2009