My Darling, America by Katie Donlan (SP)

Poems honoring the USA and Old Glory!
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My Darling, America by Katie Donlan (SP)

Post by Patriots » April 7th, 2018, 6:38 pm

My Darling, America

One striped symbol,
As it rose,
Cast into her sea of hopes.
Left abandoned,
Hate behind her.
We, the people, come to find her.

She's young and she's beautiful.
She's a muse worth dying for.
With the chalises of our hearts full,
We'll battle 'till we feel it no more.
For her we'll bet our lives,
And gladly pay the debt.
For it's through our sacrifice,
Hope can shine through yet.

She is the mountains,
The sky, the lane.
We see her passing by,
Again and again.
Every golden grain,
To every wistful snowflake,
Never two the same.

She is the love of me,
The stars that set us free.
A heterogeneous maiden of unrivaled truth,
Shining with freedom, spirit, and youth.
An angel from solely,
Where no one is ever lonely,
America, my one, my only.

Katie Donlan (SP)
9th Grade
Copyright 2010
Originally Listed February 23, 2010