American Beauty by Eden Forsythe (SP)

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American Beauty by Eden Forsythe (SP)

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American Beauty

I have been ripped, torn, and spit on
Yet I have been praised and worshipped
My friend and I stand together proudly
I am known around the world and many men fear me

I am the greatest of my kind and no one has ever defeated me
And no one ever will
I have been carried by many
From wee little ones to fighting men to commander in chiefs to mourning mothers

I can be little or large
My maker is long gone, but I shall live forever
Through thick and thin I shall persevere for I represent many
At times I am folded and other times I am burned

But my greatest honor is to be ripped and used to help the one's who serve me
Forever shall I wave

Eden Forsythe (SP)
12th Grade
Copyright 2005
Originally Listed March 26, 2007