A Heroic Friend by Whitney Miller (SP)

Poems praising / honoring family and friends for their patriotic efforts and/or accomplishments for country sake!
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A Heroic Friend by Whitney Miller (SP)

Post by Patriots » April 7th, 2018, 7:03 pm

A Heroic Friend

He's my best friend,
Who took a stand,
He's the man,
Who thinks he can,
He's the one who will fight,
Because freedom is the right,
Don't you even pause,
He fights for a good cause,
He is the stud,
Who will give up his blood,
He's a soldier,
Who holds his composure,
He fights for the red, white, and blue,
Because his loyalty is true.

Whitney Miller (SP)
12th Grade
Copyright 2008
Originally Listed November 21, 2008