Great American Parade by Josh (SP)

Poems expressing prideful thoughts about being an American ... and/or ... inspiring fellow Americans to express their pride for the USA.
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Great American Parade by Josh (SP)

Post by Patriots » April 7th, 2018, 7:16 pm

Great American Parade

An American Parade shows the bravery of our country.
An American Parade has people dancing with freedom.
It sounds like the beating drums of the band.
It feels like the air of honor.
It tastes like red, white, and blue cotton candy.
It smells like the sweet smell of liberty and justice.
Those are the sights and sound of an American Parade.

Josh (SP)
4th Grade
Copyright 2006
Originally Listed 11/14/2006

Poem "recognized for creative excellence" by School District of Lee County, Ft. Myers, FL