Our Heritage by Kristen (SP)

Poems expressing prideful thoughts about being an American ... and/or ... inspiring fellow Americans to express their pride for the USA.
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Our Heritage by Kristen (SP)

Post by Patriots » April 7th, 2018, 7:10 pm

Our Heritage

America is a land of vast varieties,
From the east coast to the west, there are endless possibilities,
Our heritage ranges as widely as the waters
Many of our ancestors traversed.

We have fused our diverse ethnic backgrounds
To make a land of new traditions,
Of new values, of a new culture to defend.

Our culture was once a new frontier,
Now, we joyfully rejoice in how amazing and multifaceted
Each and every inhabitant of this great nation is.

Wards have been fought, lives have been lost,
Memories have been made.

There have been times of serious political turmoil,
Segregation, suffrage, the Vietnam War,
But in the end it comes down to it.

America is a land to be proud of,
Why else would the patriots have fought for us?
Why else would we have yearned for justice and freedom?
Why else would young soldiers risk their lives to defend and protect us?
Because the values of our country are strong,
because we are proud to be Americans.

Kristen (SP)
12th Grade
Copyright 2006
Originally Listed 11/14/2006

Poem "recognized for creative excellence" by School District of Lee County, Ft. Myers, FL