A Doctrine On Patriotism by Devin Sheehan (SP)

Poems expressing prideful thoughts about being an American ... and/or ... inspiring fellow Americans to express their pride for the USA.
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A Doctrine On Patriotism by Devin Sheehan (SP)

Post by Patriots » April 7th, 2018, 7:14 pm

A Doctrine On Patriotism

Patriotism is the fire
that burns inside us all,
the fire that feeds on the love of a nation,
and burns brightest in the hour of darkness.

It is the desire to defend
not just the cause but the nation
with intentions not to spill blood or draw tears,
but to strike with the blade of justice.

It is the ability to see
through the fog of corruption
and to strike down such government
and reform blinded men by example not hatred.

Patriotism is true,
it is not a word or an idea,
but the human might
and the will of the mighty.

Devin Sheehan (SP)
Grade 12
Copyright 2011
Originally Listed July 1, 2011