Call of America's Patriots by Carrington Reeves (SP)

Poems expressing prideful thoughts about being an American ... and/or ... inspiring fellow Americans to express their pride for the USA.
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Call of America's Patriots by Carrington Reeves (SP)

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Call of America's Patriots

“FREEDOM!” is the cry of the free man's military
“FREEDOM!” is the cry of the proud citizen’s government
“FREEDOM!” is the cry of the free nation’s patriots
Like a choir of only the finest and proudest, they sing of freedom

To the mountains, to prairies, to oceans white with foam
They remind us of our liberties and freedoms
Like the constitution does our nation's laws
They also remind us of the great threat

Like the riding horsemen the threat will bring suffering
This threat is the inevitable war for freedom to come
Freedom is not free, it has to be won
Our great nation’s punishment for freeing others is to lose our freedom

Do not fear, the will of the patriots is strong
Like the mountains of the west they stand strong with national pride
In the eyes of mine and yours the nation can’t be trusted
Like the rattlers of the desert they go behind to cause harm

Fighting, always, is the way of the true American
To the Alamo to the flag raising at Iwo Jima
Tragedies and triumphs is our countries base
“Conquer we must, when our cause is it just” is only patriotic

Like our national Anthem and that Star-Spangled Banner
We must conjure up our nations pride and glory
And let it be known to the ends of the earth
Of our nation’s deathless ordeal
Always and forever, the battle freedom shall last
In the mind and soul, is America’s glory
Like the simplest of melodies
Our nation will be known for centuries to come

In the war for our freedom we shall overcome
In the battle for our Liberty we shall overcome
To the heroes of the past, protecting us in heart
To the heroes of the future, preparing for the inevitable war

The State of our union is Strong and unbreakable
It is a union of the world's freeborn republics
As ours was created in struggle by will of the people
It shall always remain

The choirs of the land sing “God Bless America”
The children of the land say “I Pledge Allegiance”
The People of the land salute the Star-Spangled Banner
But the Patriots of the land Call to the spirit of America:
LIVE! America’s Glory has not Perished!

By Carrington Reeves (SP)
8th Grade
Copyright 2007
Originally Listed April 23, 2007