A Hero by Joshua (SP)

Poems honoring one, a few, all troops &/or veterans, a military service ... and for other reasons that express pride of these brave ones serving or who have served our beloved, great USA!
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A Hero by Joshua (SP)

Post by Patriots » April 7th, 2018, 8:18 pm

A Hero

A hero lies in his wooden bed.
Forgotten by time and cursed into an eternal slumber
Never again to feel the gentle touch of the afternoon wind
Never again to taste the ocean's salt brush against his face
Never again to see the people he loved.

A hero lies in his wooden bed.
Unable to listen to the ones who mourn for him
Unable to see the seven men standing in single file
Unable to hear their gun shots fired three times for his loss
Unable to focus on the echo of the blasts as they slowly drift away.

A hero lies in his wooden bed.
Lying motionless his body slides into the Earth
Staying silent as the days go by
And now he feels alive again by the ones who loved him;
Now he is in everlasting paradise.

Joshua (SP)
Grade 9 - 10
Copyright 2007
Originally Listed November 29, 2007

Poem "recognized for creative excellence" by School District of Lee County, Ft. Myers, FL