Holiday Blessings

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Holiday Blessings

Post by Patriots » November 26th, 2018, 5:26 pm

Holiday Blessings ... is a heartfelt reminder about the importance of the December holiday season to many Americans ... relative to each one's respective faith ... with special thoughts ... for all who have answered the call to defend ... the precious freedom and rights endowed through our beloved country's constitution ... that only came to be through the noble efforts of Her founding fathers ... after America's victorious fight for independence! And may She always remain... One Nation Under God!

The video's narrative is from the poem with the same title that is in my "American Pride" book.

David G. Bancroft
USA Patriotism! founder / owner
Author of the books...
American Pride, Mere Chance, Cemetery Woods, & Waking Dreams

Special thanks to ... American artist Jack Dawson for his approval to use images of his inspiring paintings... Memories Worth Repeating, The Blessing Of Christmas, Hope Avenue, Heart of a Warrior, and Celebrate Freedom.