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In The Heart Of America

Post by Patriots » August 14th, 2018, 6:57 pm

"In The Heart Of America" showcases the Branson, Missouri area for its amazing, diverse fun things available for all ages ... including must see entertaining live-shows; family/children attractions; museums; challenging golf courses; activities on two lakes; and, other enjoyable outdoor activities.

All underscored with pride of the USA ... and especially ... when attending a live-show.

In fact, military veterans, active troops, firefighters, and other homeland security personnel are honored year round ... with a special "Veterans Week" in November proudly saluting veterans and active military members for their brave service beyond self for our beloved America!

Note: The poem associated with this video is included in my "American Pride" book.

David G. Bancroft
USA Patriotism! founder
Author of the books...
American Pride, Mere Chance, Cemetery Woods, & Waking Dreams

Note: Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau provided courtesy footage and images used in the video with all other filming and images by USA Patriotism!

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