Highway of Heroes performed by The Trews

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Highway of Heroes performed by The Trews

Post by Patriots » May 13th, 2018, 6:28 pm

Highway of Heroes
Performed and Written by The Trews
Featuring Kid Rock

Message from The Trews...

"Back in 2011 we were asked to redo our song Highway of Heroes for an American TV show that wanted to use it in one of it's scenes.

The scene involved the flag draped casket of an American soldier returning from combat. We felt it would be appropriate to break the song down to it's core, just piano, vocal and a little bit of violin, to really drive home the somber feel reflected in the scene. It also made sense to us to tweak the lyrics so that they better reflected the reality of an American soldier. So a dozen became a hundred, a hundred became a thousand, Ontario became Ohio and 'true patriot love' became 'the dawns early light'.

We've always said that this a song is for all troops who make the ultimate sacrifice for what they believe in and didn't feel it had to be specific to one country.

Around this same time we were crossing Canada with Kid Rock to promote our Hope and Ruin album. We got to know each other pretty well on that tour and when we cut this version of the song we asked him if he would be willing to lend his voice to it. He agreed so we sent him the session and he laid his voice in there. It worked out really well and we'd always planned on releasing it but were just looking for the right time.

We hope you dig it."

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