USO - There For The Troops

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USO - There For The Troops

Post by Patriots » October 14th, 2018, 2:41 pm

USO - There For The Troops honors the USO and its patriot volunteers for all the noble selfless efforts done since its start in 1941 for America's brave, honorable troops ... wherever they are serving including in harms' way ... with a special salute to Bob Hope and his fellow celebrities who were there with him and the stars who continue to follow this great American patriot's noble footsteps. Martha Raye also deserves similar praise for her tireless dedication to entertain and interact with the troops with many times being on a USO stage with Bob Hope.

Moreover, the USO does so much more for the troops and veterans beyond entertaining them, including providing deployed troops the ability to video conference with loved ones; having USO centers at home and abroad; and, assisting wounded warriors and disabled veterans.

The video's narrative is from the poem with the same title that is in my "American Pride" book.

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