Spitting On Old Glory and Country

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Spitting On Old Glory and Country

Post by Patriots » August 30th, 2018, 12:49 pm

I decided to exercise "my freedom of expression" ... as I just could no longer remain silent ... after seeing and hearing ... some Americans unwillingness to grasp and/or care about ... Old Glory's priceless value to Americans like me ... who are among the "once silent" overwhelming majority ... It is a red line to us ... that should never be crossed!

Then there are some in the media ... who seem to forget ... that they don't represent ... the majority of Americans either!

Note... My youngest son, now a Marine veteran ... escaped a fallen's grave ... by a fraction of an inch when serving in Iraq during 2003. Also, my mother lost her twin brother (19) during World War II in Normandy a few weeks after D-Day.

A proud American!

David G. Bancroft
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~~~ Spitting On Old Glory and Country ~~~

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