Millennium Site - Arlington National Cemetery

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Millennium Site - Arlington National Cemetery

Post by Patriots » October 23rd, 2018, 8:24 pm

The Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) Millennium site that was officially opened on September 6, 2018 ... is a beautiful, natural area that supports the cemetery’s long term goal of optimizing interment space. The Millennium is contiguous with the existing cemetery in order to maintain future active operations and preserve the ANC experience.

This new 27-acre expansion provides 27,282 interment spaces that are located either above or below ground. Columbarium courts offer 16,400 above-ground niche spaces for cremated remains, while the 10,882 in-ground burials will be split between traditional and over-size burials (1,422), in-ground cremated remains (3,189), and pre-placed liners (6,271).

The Millennium project was conceived in the 1990s to help extend the life of the cemetery as an active burial ground. This modern day burial site blends the iconic look of ANC with a modern day design.

Arlington National Cemetery video
by Mary Cochran
September 2018

2018 edit with music

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