Patriotic Poems by Student Patriots

Listings of student patriots with links to their patriotic creative content listed in the respective Patriots' main category
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Patriotic Poems by Student Patriots

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Patriotic Poems
by Student Patriots

Links to patriotic poems by Student Patriots at USA Patriotism! ... located under the respective subject category.

America Is by Christina May
America, My Home by Darren
America My Home by Karina
America, My Safe Home by Rachel
America Sweet Home by Owen
American Beauty by Eden Forsythe
America, We Are All Free by Catie Preszler
Home Sweet Home by Samantha Calvery
My Darling, America by Katie Donlan
My Country's Colors by Ian
Number 1 Patriot by James Call
Our Flag by Debra Westmoreland
Our Protector by Carly
Old Glory by Leah
Red, White and Blue by Dani Lamer
Stand"ing With Pride by Stephanie
The Chorus of Our Country by Kyle
The Flag by Laura Russell
The Eagle Still He Soars by Gordon and Michael Magoon
The Pride In Our Flag by Michael Meade
The Meaning Behind The Colors by Ali McFarland
The Underground Railroad by Vanessa
The Underground Railroad by Port
This Is Not A Flag by Sarah Hindenach
A Heroic Friend by Whitney Miller
Day By Day by Lauren Jeffreys and Kelsie Franks
For A Daughter by Audrey
My Daddy Is A Hero! by Emily Lance
Show and Tell by Alexandra
On the Battle Front by Sarah Kim
Great American Parade by Josh
Call of America's Patriots by Carrington Reeves
A Doctrine On Patriotism by Devin Sheehan
Freedom Is NOT Free by James Stipsky
Of What Is An American Made? by Mike
Have You Forgotten by Samantha Calvery
Our Heritage by Kristen
The Freedom Parade by Abbey
The American Parade by Chase
The Great Patriot by Ty Williams
The Guardian by Richard
A Hero by Joshua
A Model Soldier by Whitney Miller
A Soldier’s Log by Jordan
A Soldier's Thoughts by Alan-Michael Simmons
A Son Of A MARINE! by Jerrika Fuller
Across the Sea by Tara
Air by Dean Roan
Carry On by Kyle
Dear Soldier Boy by Jessica
Freedom From Their Lives by Michael
Goodnight - Rest Well by Jessica
Why Did You Have To Go? by Andrea VanDerslice
Unknown Soldier by Andrea VanDerslice
To Honor Our Veterans by James
Those Men by Shashank Sangaru
Troops We Miss You by Harley Riddle
The Veterans We Honor by Avery
The Ultimate Sacrifice by Haley
The Soldiers by Jordan
The Soldier’s Poem by Nely
The Marine by Louise Bouye
The Final Goodbye by Delma
Take A Moment To Thank A Veteran by Taylor
Thank You For My Freedom by Sam Murphy
Soldiers Life by Whitney Miller
Still A Hero by Carly
Sacrifice by Michael
Our National Peace Force by Brent
Our Heroes in the Service by Angelie
Not Forgotten at Vietnam by Samantha
Our Greatest Air Force by Caleb
My Marine by Megan Six
I’ll Never Say by Shasha
Memories by Adrienne
Keeping the Honor by Haley
I Am An American Soldier by Michael Reece
America's Nightmare 9-11 by Corrine Jacobs
9/11 by Nicole Cothery
The Unknown War by Abby
9/11 by Eric Deluhery
The Two Towers By Lois Dunphy
A Soldier's Last Moments by Debra Westmoreland
My Freedom by Andrea VanDerslice
The Forgotten War by Javier
Mama's Little Man by Andrea VanDerslice
Life Back Then by Katie
Love, Johnny by Andrea VanDerslice