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Posting Rules for Student Patriots

Post by Founder » April 6th, 2018, 2:19 pm

Creative content by students through the 12 grade ... must reference ... the student's grade level below his/her name after the essay, photo/image, poem, or video ... with the name of the school optional.

Also ... (SP) ... must be listed in the ... Subject box ... after the respective student's name that must be included following the title ... as it denotes ... by a student ... the same as listed submissions. Example... "Saluting Our Brave Troops" by Santa Claus, Jr. (SP)

Parents, teachers, and youth organization representatives can also submit a creative content for a child / student at Student Patriots.
  • Students 12 years old and under need a parent or legal guardian ... or their permission for a teacher or youth organization representative to submit a essay, photo/image, poem, or video for them... Only the first name of a student should be listed unless the parent allows otherwise.
Teachers or a youth organization representative can submit multiple creative patriotic content by their students / members who are 13 and over and with parental permission for students under 13. in association with an assignment / project. A separate topic per writing still applies. (Please include a reference about the project along with any associated recognition of the student's effort.).

Links to listed content by students will also be listed in the "Student Patriots" forum.
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