Purpose and Nomination Process

Recognizing America's student patriots through the 12th grade for outstanding noble efforts exemplifying exceptional pride of America!
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Purpose and Nomination Process

Post by Founder » April 6th, 2018, 5:43 pm

The United States of America's future has always involved a right of passage from one generation to the next with each stepping up to meet the challenges of their day . . . with a special few doing so at a very young age ... even before they can vote or join one of the military services.

They are America's student patriots from all grade levels through high school . . . Each one of these young Americans exemplifies the true spirit of American pride . . . and deserves recognition in the Student Patriots Hall of Honor.


And if you are one of these students in the 12th grade or below, a parent of one, or a legal guardian of one, please let USA Patriotism know about these noble efforts via the application form when you are ready to provide the required information.

And those friends, teachers, and others who know of a deserving student, please encourage him or her to apply for Honor Hall recognition.

See the Hall of Honor Inductees!
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