President George H.W. Bush

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President George H.W. Bush

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George H.W. Bush
41st President of the United States

Collage image created by USA Patriotism! from U.S. Navy and Army photos associated with information below - Larger Image

Top Left - U.S. President George H.W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush wave as they stand in the back of a vehicle during a visit to a desert encampment in Saudi Arabia, November 22, 1990. The president and his wife are paying Thanksgiving Day visits to U.S. troops who are in Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield. (U.S. Navy photo by CW02 Ed Bailey)

Top Right - President George H.W. Bush meets U.S. Army soldiers of the 197th Brigade, 24th Infantry Division, upon his arrival at their camp for a Thanksgiving Day visit during Operation Desert Shield in Saudi Arabia, Nov. 25, 1990. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Daniel Jackson)

Bottom Large - President George H.W. Bush (center) speaks to the crowd at an air base while making one of several Thanksgiving Day visits to U.S. troops who are in Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield, Nov. 22, 1990. The president's wife, Barbara, stands beside him. Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas is at left, facing the crowd. Speaker of the House Rep. Tom Foley is fourth from left. An A-10A Thunderbolt aircraft is in the background. (U.S. Navy photo by JO3 Gerald Johnson)

Bottom Right - Official portrait of President George H.W. Bush (1989)

World War II Hero … Through 1944, U.S. Navy Lt. George H.W. Bush flew 58 combat missions for which he received the Distinguished Flying Cross, three Air Medals, and the Presidential Unit Citation awarded to USS San Jacinto.

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