One Nation Under God

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One Nation Under God

Post by Patriots » October 4th, 2018, 2:26 pm

One Nation Under God is a reminder to all Americans about how blessed our beloved USA has been from the first steps upon her Atlantic shore by the Pilgrims ... overcoming Her bloody tragic Civil War ... becoming the most powerful country in the world ... with beauty from coast to coast ... abundant natural resources ... and remaining the beacon of freedom that continues to attract immigrants wanting to pledge allegiance to Old Glory and strive to achieve their American dream.

Then there is the right to worship God (or not) as you wish … regardless of one's religion or denomination within … as it is ... a constitutional right!

So, the reference to "One Nation Under God" is actually America's birth right ... This historical fact doesn't change ... regardless of political correctness sake or other bias reasons ... While anyone has the right to state differently, our great nation was founded with God in mind ... and like all earth's inhabitants ... it is truly under God above!

The video's narrative is from the poem with the same title that is in my "American Pride" book.

David G. Bancroft
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