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Retail Partners

Major and specialty retailers are listed in association with the USA Store and American / patriotic themed products listed there.

USA Patriotism! Partner / Sponsor Information

Think about how your organization would be perceived by fellow Americans, including veterans, troops, and their loved ones... if it was a partner / sponsor of the number one site that showcases love and pride of America!

And being a partner of USA Patriotism! will assist in its mission to foster better awareness, reinforcement, and display of love and pride of the United States of America by all its citizens along with developing a better understanding and friendlier attitude about the USA from citizens of other countries.

This mission also includes...

  • Always being there for America's brave and honorable troops with special intentions for the families of the fallen and wounded.

  • Being able to better instill love and respect of country in students of all ages, as all should be "Student Patriots".

Sponsor Partnership Options

  • Exclusive Industry / Trade Rights... Your organization can have exclusive rights within its industry / trade for events, holidays, and/or other appropriate purposes over a given period of time.  It includes using the partner sponsorship marketing, advertising, and public relation efforts.

  • General... Available for any organization where there isn't an exclusive trade right.

  • Ad Placement
    Your company / organization can also become a partner / sponsor if it is interested in just placing an ad on the USA Patriotism! site. The following ad placements are available on a quarterly, semi-annul, and annual basis...

    • Site Header Ads ... Placement over 10,000 pages
      728 x 150 pixels section next to the USA Patriotism! logo is available. Size options include 728 x 90, 468 x 60, 234 x 60, and 150 pixel high with various widths.

    • Page Title Header Ad -- 234 x 60 pixels ... Placement over 10,000 pages
      Banner or text ad in the dark blue title header on the right side on every page.  Placement before the adjacent partner 120 x 60 ad.

    • Page Title Header Ad -- 120 x 60 pixels ... Placement over 9,000 pages
      Banner or text ad in the dark blue title header on the right side of all the key pages and all other pages with the exception of individual MOH recipient pages. Placement after adjacent partner 234 x 60 ad and before Google AdSense 234 x 60 ad.

NOTE: USA Patriotism! now adds over 2,000 pages annually with each one including the page title header ads.

Retail Partner Options
There are two options available for retailers for listing American themed products at the USA Patriotism! Store.

Email or call to discuss your organization's specific interest.

USA Patriotism!
Phone: (713) 466-5363

Email Verification Process

USA Patriotism! requires email verification to guard against spam, which means a first time email will result in an email from USA Patriotism! requesting you to reply to it before your submission can be received.

Military Items

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Charities supported by USA Patriotism! with links to them on all its pages.
USO  Operation Homefront  Fallen Heroes Fund  Wounded Warrior Project Independence Fund National Veterans Museum
American Legion Silver Star Families Gary Sinise Foundation The Journey Home Project Honor and Remember NMFA

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