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Dear Fellow Patriot,

USA Patriotism! is the number one site . . . about showcasing pride of the United States of America in a "nonpolitical" environment with a mission to foster pride of America by her citizens and a better understanding about the USA from citizens of other countries.

This mission also includes...

  • Always being there for America's brave and honorable troops, first responders, and law enforcement officers ... with special intentions for the families of the fallen, severely wounded, and disabled veterans from wounds incurred during their respective service tenure.

  • Being able to better instill love and respect of country in students of all ages, as all should be "Student Patriots". The goal is being able to provide scholarships to deserving students based upon established criteria and selection process.

  • Establishing a museum with displays that showcase, underscore pride of America since Her noble birth in 1776 ... as the USA Patriotism site does.

Special Note: USA Patriotism! is also based on the premise of one nation under God and will list patriotic related content referring to or implying God that is deemed positive in nature.

USA Patriotism! has over 25,000 pages ... of stirring poems; articles; stories; music / songs, tributes of heroes, troops / veterans,presidents, and other great Americans; famous quotes; patriotic photos; patriotic thoughts; references of interest; listings of worthy charities; solemn remembrance of national tragedies including September 11, 2001; patriotic images; and, web themes. 

Then there is the USA Store ... with many products in multiple categories ... for yourself, loved ones, friends, or any others who are deserving of pride and honor associated with what each item represents!

Patriots are also invited to submit ... articles, poems, photos, songs / music, stories, thoughts, videos, and other creative works .  Please refer to the respective feature for its submission rules.

And the several thousand videos listed at USA Patriotism! are from its popular YouTube channel ... started in 2013 ... with a growing six figure subscriber base.

Moreover, sincere thanks goes out to the fellow patriots who have provided valued assistance, contributed inspiring creative content, and expressed their compliments with all exemplifing and fostering pride of America!

David G. Bancroft
Founder / Owner
USA Patriotism!

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