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Great American Patriots
January 21, 2008

USA Patriotism! ( would like to announce ... Great American Patriots ( ... that honors past and present Americans who continually exhibited a love and pride of the USA through patriotic efforts that have contributed significantly to the good of our beloved, great country.

David Bancroft, founder and owner of USA Patriotism!, explains...

"Since founding USA Patriotism! in 2002, I have become very aware of many fellow Americans who have done and are doing so many wonderful things in support of the troops and other noble patriotic efforts . . . with most being unknown to the overwhelming majority of their fellow citizens. 

In fact, only a handful ever receive notice by the media . . . and that is primarily due to their celebrity status, which is what they should be doing to spread the word of their patriotic endeavors.

And all of these rare, exceptional individuals, who are selected by fellow American patriots, have done so relative to individual means and ability without concern for status and popularity, regardless of the fame already achieved elsewhere . . . They are / were relentlessly committed in achieving the mission of their respective patriotic efforts . . . just like many of America's Founding  Fathers were . . . earning them the right to be called a Great American Patriot! And an inspiration to fellow generations.

And the first five honorees are... Bob Hope, Clara Barton, Gary Sinise, Joseph Jacob Foss, and Wayne Newton.

I know some might wonder why these five for the first Great American Patriots . . . I can only respond that they deserve it . . . and nominate others who you believe should also be honored.

I would also like to stress that just being a leader, celebrity, or one who performed an act of memorable heroism is not enough to be honored as a Great American Patriot. . . Yes, each one of those just mentioned is a patriot, but it is about the patriotic efforts done over a period of time . . . and again it is not about how famous one is either.”


USA Patriotism! is a non-political, patriotic showcase with a mission to foster better awareness, reinforcement, and display of love and pride of America by her citizens with the hope of developing a better understanding and friendlier attitude about the USA from citizens of other countries. Patriots will find thousands of pages of poems, articles, stories, quotes, photos, songs / music, flash / video presentations, thoughts, images, and references . . . all in tribute to country, troops and veterans, heroes, Presidents, other great Americans, memorable events, and more. (USA Patriotism! is the top ranked site under various patriotic keywords / phrases at Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines.)

Other Press Releases and Media Coverage

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