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Northern Edge 2017 Takeoff

Iraq War - Marines and Soldiers Joint Patrol In Ramadi

Army Apache Traffic Pattern Training

Releasing The Kraken

WTI 2-17 - Marines Live Fire In 360

Army Sgt. Joshua P. Rodgers - Dignified Transfer

USAFWS Aircraft Texas Lake Training

Operation SHUFLY Commemoration

Iraq War - Soldiers Search For Insurgents and Weapons In Tikrit

USS Carl Vinson SF Leads Japan Maritime SDF Destroyers

Army Black Hawk Traffic Pattern Training

Air Force T-38 In Flight

Fast Marines Conduct Embassy Security Training

Army Sgt. Cameron H. Thomas - Dignified Transfer

46th WPW and 26th AFSAM Sniper Championship

Marines 2d AAV BN 75 Year Heritage

Ship-to-Shore MEE Advanced Naval Technology Exercise 2017

Paratroopers Using New Battlefield Vehicles

F-35A and F-15C 5 Ship Formation Over Europe

WTI 2-17 - Heavy Huey Raid

Army SSgt. Mark R. De Alencar - Dignified Transfer

Staying On Track - KMEP 17-6

Soldiers Conduct Tank Live Fire

What Air Power Looks and Sounds Like

Marine Corps Military Child of the Year 2017

Heroes and Voices - Celebrating America's Army

Breaking The Sound Barrier

USS Theodore Roosevelt Conducts Flight Ops

Arlington National Cemetery Funeral

Iraq War - Marines Patrol In Al Anbar Province

Allied Spirit VI - Soldiers Engage Enemy Targets

Marines From Boot Camp To Infantry Training Battalion

F-15 Strike Eagle Training Above South Dakota

USS Porter Conducts Strike Ops

Northern Warfare Training Center

Marines Conduct Target Engagements

ICE Fugitive Operations Arrests

Iraq War - Army MPs Hunt For Suspect In Hawija

Marines Fire Artillery - Spartan Fury 2017

America's Symbol

Defenders - Air Force Security Forces

Coast Guardsmen Conduct UAF Patrol - OPRex17

Soldier's View of Engaging Targets

Galactic Warfighters

Soldiers Conduct Night Ops

Marine Corps Battle Color Ceremony - Camp Lejeune

Iraq War - Soldiers Attacked With Rocket Propelled Grenade

Marines Take Down Enemy Combatants In RUT

Statue of Liberty National Monument

Battlefield Trauma Innovations

God Bless The USA mv

President Trump Honors Fallen On Memorial Day 2017

Marines Conduct Fire Support Coordination

Soldiers Receive Air Medal For Valor In Afghanistan

Twin Brothers Serving Together In Navy

Marines Air Insert By Parachute During RUT

Iraq War - Soldiers Patrol and Search In Taji

F-35A Lightning II's First Time At Red Flag

Army Special Forces Train At Emerald Warrior 17

Fallen Marines, Sailors ... Never Forgotten

Memorial Day - Honor and Remembrance

Military Funeral - Honoring Service To Country

Before They Are Marines

Soldiers Conduct Live Fire At Grafenwoehr

Last To Lay Marines Down

Iraq War - Marines Patrol In Al Asad

Coast Guard MSR Team - Close Quarters and Marksman Training

Maui Space Surveillance Complex

Iraq War - Soldiers Patrol Sadr City

Marine Corps Recruits Fire M16A4 Rifles

Soldiers Conduct FTX In Germany

Fulcrum 2017

F-4 Fanatics

Iraq War - Marines Patrol In Khan Al Baghdadi

Telling The Veteran ... What It Means 

Soldiers Live-Fire In Snow Covered Alaska

Marine Security Guards - Always On Call

Iraq War - Soldiers Patrol In Ramadi

Always Mom

75 Years of 'We Build, We Fight'

Paratroopers Close-Quarters Marksmanship

Air Force Solid Foundation

Iraq War - Marines Patrol In Ramadi

Army Squad Level Live Fire Exercise

Marine Corps Officers Fire Weapons

Iraq War - Soldiers Engage Sniper In Tal Afar

CBP Air and Marine Extended Air Operations

USAF 943rd Rescue Group Mission

MEU-EX 17 - Marines Night Raid

Iraq War - Soldiers Maintain Mosul's Security

Coast Guard SeaPerch Challenge 2017

Marines Send Rounds Down Range

Iraq War - Soldiers Secure Rawah

Love and War mv (Brad Paisley and John Fogerty)

The Nuclear Enterprise

Sweet mv

Fly Navy

25ID Soldiers Conduct Combat Exercise

Iraq War - Nabbing Enemy In Tal Afar

Marines Conduct Methods of Entry Course

4 SOPS - Linking The Forces

National Mall

Iraq War - Soldiers Patrol Around FOB Regular

Warfighter Performance

U.S. Paratroopers Live Fire In Germany

MEU-EX 17 - Marines Bring Steel Rain

Brick by Brick - LEGO Shipbuilding

Putting Up The Flag

Joint Communications Support Element

Old Guard Mannequin Challenge

MEU-EX 17 - Marines Breach and Assault Raid

U.S. Army M1 Tanks Live Fire In Poland

Most Decorated World War II Flight

Marine Echo Recruits Tackle Confidence Course

Go Army Experience 2017

New York City Sustainment Training Exercise

Second Marine Division Lineage

Soldiers Snowy Mortar Live Fire

Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star Icebreaking

Marine Corps Land Stitchers

Soldiers Fire M107 Sniper Rifle

Scott AFB - A Century of Service

Alligator Dagger 2016 - Amphibious Ops

21 Gun Battery Salute To President Trump

Alligator Dagger 2016 - Pacific Fury

Flaming Spear ... Air Force Strong Since WWII

Marines ... Answer The Call ... Always!

Naval Base Coronado Active Shooter Exercise

Marine Corps Advanced Infantry Course

Concealing Bradley FVs and Abram Tanks

Six Functions of Marine Aviation

Andersen AFB Honor Guard

Army 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team 2016

SPMAGTF Close Air Support Training

Air Force Sensor Operator Instructor

The Winter Patriots: A Revolutionary War Tale

Steel Knight 2017 - Air Assault

Army All-American Bowl Players Visit Pediatric Patients

Steel Knight 2017 - Bring Fight To Enemy

F-4 Phantom - More Than Just An Airplane

Steel Knight 2017 - Amphibious Assault

American Pride

Nature's Tank Trap


Marines Conduct Platoon Assault In ROK

By God mv

Holloman AFB Airspace

The U.S. Marines

We Are America mv

Steel Knight 2017 - Live Fire Raid

Army Combatives Tournament

Steel Knight 2017- Aerial Insertion and Raid

USS Chafee Conducts SWAT Training

Mountain Shock 2016

Marines Participate In Iron Sword 16 FTX-2

F-22 and F-35 Combat Training At Tyndall

Paratroopers Participate In Mangusta 16

Las Vegas Strip - Day and Night

USS John C. Stennis Renders Honors To WWII Memorials

Cope West 17

Razor's Edge 2016

President Donald Trump - Future of U.S. Military

Soldiers Perform Squad Tactics In Germany

Marine Corps F-35B Takeoff and Landing On USS America

President Donald Trump's Address To Joint Session of Congress

Sailors Conduct Force Protection Night Ops

Thunderbirds - 2016 Highlights

U.S. Army RSL Course In Lithuania

Marine Corps Recruits - Pugil Stick Bouts

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American Pride: Poems Honoring America and Her Patriots! by David G. Bancroft

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