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Operation Homefront

National Veterans Museum
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American Pride: Poems Honoring America and Her Patriots! by David G. Bancroft

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USA Patriotism! YouTube Channel

Beacon of Freedom

3/2 Marines - Non-Lethal Crowd Control Training

RIMPAC 16 - Helo Raid

Paratroopers Mass-Tactical Parachute Jump 16-07

RIMPAC 16 - Infantry Immersion Training

NATO Ballistic Missile Defence Reaches New Milestone

RIMPAC 16 - Water Egress Training

Salute to America - Remembering the Vietnam War

RIMPAC 16 - Integrated Patrol

Arlington National Cemetery - 2016 Summer

3AAB Marines Sustainment Training

Tradewinds 2016 Phase II

National Guard Special Forces Combat Diver

1-502nd Infantry Platoon Live Fire

Global Medic Expeditionary Medical Force 2016

CLDJ Combat Life Savers Course

ANG Best Warrior Competition 2016

11th MEU Marines Realistic Urban Training

High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Training

Archer Battery Soldiers Firing Artillery Systems

7th ESB Marines Combat Readiness Evaluation

Operation Vigilant Seahawk 2016

Swift Response 2016

11th MEU Combined Arms Exercise 2016

NG State Partnership - Anakonda 2016

Exercise Anakonda 2016

Combined Arms Live Fire - Anakonda 2016

Making of A Pilot and Daddy

National Guard - Chaplain Corps

CLB-25 Marines Participate - ITX 4-16

Army MPs Conduct Cordon and Search

Charles Kettles' Hall of Heroes Induction

Charles Kettles' Medal of Honor Ceremony

Sunset Parade At USMC War Memorial

Mass Casualty Event During Anakonda 2016

MSANG Soldiers - Force On Force Exercise

3/7 Marines Prepare For Deployment

Decon Team - Anakonda 2016

Listening Eagle and Storm Force 2016

Marine Corps Sergeant's Course

Phoenix Express 2016

Marines Train Future Officers

Fleet Week New York 2016 In Liberty State Park

Thunderbirds At 2016 Cannon AFB Airshow

11th MEU Maritime Raid Force VBSS Training

All American Week 2016 Airborne Review

SM CTV-01a Flight Test

Missouri Air National Guard SED Training

1st Marines 2016 Recon Challenge

Tricrab 2016

Air Force E-9A Widget

1/4 Marines Night Raid

Touring USS Columbia

Mike & Oscar Companies - Pick Up

God Bless The USA mv (by Home Free)

MEUEX Maritime Raid Force Raid

Fuerzas Comando 2016

Logistic Marines Fire Machine Guns

Battle of the Coral Sea - 74th Anniversary

Hands To Heartbeat

Marines Live-Fire At Range 400 - ITX 3-16

CBRN Marines Conduct Response Training

11th MEU Marines Live Fire Machine Guns

Life Comes At You Fast mv

Soldiers Conduct Waigali Battle NIE 16.2

First K-MAX Helicopters At MCAS Yuma

Flightline Security On Kandahar Airfield

HMLA-267 Marines Conduct Firefighting Drill

Sea Hunter

Battle of Adowa - NIE 16.2

Comcam 2016 First Responder

Operation Spirit 2016

Marines Fire FIM-92 Aboard USS Wasp

U-2 Dragon Lady At Osan

Air National Guard Pararescue

Remember The Fallen

Honoring Texas Veterans, Troops and First Responders

Loading Munitions At Bagram Airfield

Answering The Call

Last Flight Of Kiowa Sets Guinness World Record

Combat Search and Rescue HC-130J Crew

WTI 2-16 - Marines Conduct Assault Support Tactics

The Star-Spangled Banner mv

Marines Experience Combat Ops At MCAS Iwakuni

U.S. Airmen Train With Allied Airmen - INIOHOS 16

Mike Company Recruits Earn 'Marine' Title

WTI 2-16 - Marines Conduct Offensive Air Support

55th Signal Soldiers Conduct Squad Live Fire

Engineer Battalion Field Training

F-15 Cockpit California View

20th CBRNE Command's Capabilities Exercise

Memorial Day 2016 At Arlington National Cemetery

All Veterans Memorial 2016 Service

Honoring The Fallen (with Taps)

I'm Gonna Miss You mv

Honoring The Sacrifice

Arlington National Cemetery - 2016 Winter/Spring

WTI 2-16 - Marines Conduct Aerial Gunnery Refinement

I Will Stand mv

Battlespace Exploitation of Mixed Reality

Combined Live Fire In Estonia

Marines Conduct Urban Terrain Ops

Marines Conduct Urban Assault - ITX 2-16

Aviators Experience A Sinking Feeling

334th Fighter Squadron

CBRN and Mass Decontamination Training At Fort Polk

Taps mv

75 Years of the Fighting Cocks

Ssang Yong 16

IKE CSG Launches SM-2 Missiles

USS Mason Launches Missile

Crowd Riot Control Op - Thunder Road IV

F-15E Dawn Slow Motion Takeoffs

Navy and Coast Guard Divers At ICEX 2016

Air and Marine Ops Law Enforcement Demo

Marines Conduct Beach Assault - Ssang Yong 16

Navy Ceremonial Guard - Pursuit of Perfection

Bold Quest 15.2

Peterson Air Force Base Honor Guard

Sailors Learn Crucial Law Enforcement Skills

Marine Corps 2016 Battle Colors Ceremony

USS Hartford Surfaces In Arctic Circle

Marine Forces Reserve Centennial

Cold Response 16 - 13 Nations, One Fight

Cold Response 16 - Taking Town From Enemy

Aircrew Show Cub Scouts C-130H Hercules

Cold Response 16 - Marines Conduct Patrol

NATO Special Operation Forces Training

Cold Response 16 - Amphibious Assault

Freedom Flight #196

Cold Response 16 - Aerial Look of Soldiers Training

We Remember mv

Active Shooter Exercise At MCB Quantico

Juniper Cobra 2016

Embassy Security Marines Conduct Medical Training

Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Specialists

USMC Drum & Bugle Corps Staying Sharp

Aerial Gunnery and Live-Fire At Fort Picket

Fallen Handler's Family Adopts His MW Dog

Marine Recruits Tackle Obstacle Course

Artillery Live-Fire At Yakima

USAF TACP Airstrike Training In Djibouti

Marines Perform Heavy Helicopter Daytime Landings

Soldiers Conduct Room Clearing At YTCMarines Conduct Iron Blitz 2016

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United We Soar Eagle Collection
United We Soar Eagle

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American Pride: Poems Honoring America and Her Patriots! by David G. Bancroft

"Mere Chance" by David G. Bancroft

Cemetery Woods by David G. Bancroft

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