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Patriotic Poem Submission

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Poem Categories

  1. Students in grades 1 through 12 ... You must be at least 13 years old to submit a poem on your own.

    • Parents, teachers, youth organization representatives must submit on behalf of students under 13. ... and can also submit for students 13 and over.

  2. You must provide your first and last name for poem to be listed and copyright protection purposes.

  3. No poem will be listed that is considered only for individuals 18 years and older, as USA Patriotism! is an all ages site.

  4. Poem is reviewed for intent and content . . . And must be positive in nature as the purpose is expressing one's pride of the United States of America whether it is about a person, place, item, and etc . . . Poems that attack or comment negatively, even indirectly, against any person, place, and/or America will not be listed.

  5. Plagiarism and copyright infringement will result in immediate removal.

  6. English is the only version accepted.

  7. All CAPS are not allowed . . . Poem submitted in this manner will not be listed.

  8. Use "and" instead of "&" in poem.

Content submission is only accepted via the USA Patriotism! online process
and will not be considered if sent by US Mail or another physical delivery service.

Use Permission and Non Removal Policy
Since the respective copyright owner (author, producer, photographer, or legal representative) grants use permission upon submission of their creative work (article, poem, story, song, video, photo, graphic, and/or other) cannot be removed from USA Patriotism! once listed.

Submitting Another Poem
If you have one or more poems already listed and are uncertain of which ones they are . . . then use the Search feature at the top or bottom of any page at USA Patriotism! ...  via your name to make sure you are not resubmitting the same poem.  You can also search via the title of the additional poem and your name.


Only Authors or their legal representative (including a family member of a deceased author) are welcome to submit one or more poems by email.

  • Author's First and Last Name

  • Author's Email Address
    (Your email address will be listed with each poem unless you request it not to be listed.)

  • Provide your website's URL if you want it listed.

  • Brief information about you (100 words or less) if you wish it listed.

  • List "Initial" or "Another" for this submission

  • List Poem Category For Each Poem
    In the body of your email list the title of your poem(s) under the one of the following categories that best applies ... Select only one category for a poem. (USA Patriotism! reserves the right to list your poem in a different category with a link to it in another category if it warrants.)

    • Country and Flag

    • Family and Friends

    • Heroes and Patriots

    • Love and Pride

    • Troops and Veterans

    • War and Tragedy

  • Copyright Year is required for every poem

  • Poem must be in proper verse and stanza presentation with a hard return for each verse (no line wrapping) and a blank line between stanzas.

  • Providing Poems Based on How Many

    • 2 to 5 poems - List in the body of the email or combine all in one Word or Text file attachment

    • 6 or more poems

      • Up to 25 poems can be listed in an attached Word or Text file

      • Over 25 poems - Attach multiple Word or Text files with up to 25 poems in each file
        (e.g. 150 poems require 6 attached files with 25 poems listed in each file.)

    • Poems Available Online Alternative - a URL can be provided where links to all your poems are listed online if the copyright year is listed with each one. (Links to poems must be at one location.)

Click Here To Email Poem Submission
(Manually send to: ... with subject: Patriotic Poem Submission)

Listing Period
Your content submission should be listed within 14 days, unless current submission numbers require additional time for review and posting. You can check the New Content Page periodically, as a link to your submitted patriotic content will be listed on this page for 6 months once it is available at USA Patriotism!

Submitting multiple poems will result in them being listed a week apart, providing better exposure for each one.

Please wait at least two weeks before contacting USA Patriotism! by email, if your poem hasn't been listed.