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Patriotic Article
By Daniel Zepeda

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Memorial Day Tribute
(May 16, 2005)

USA as flag

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What a great country we are blessed with! My emotions soar and my heart is filled with joy and pride in the fact that I am, “American Born” and by the grace of God Christian. Memorial Day is just around the corner and in the news media I have read the stories of our past heroes and how their actions won for us the freedoms we enjoy today as Americans.

It seems that every generation has its heroes, who despite great personal sacrifice and Yes their courage, dared to face all kinds of dangers, and perils for their country and those they loved. Men and women, who stood together to face those, who would enslave us. Many of them paid the ultimate price for you and I, to have the privilege to live in this country as Free Men. I do give honor to my countrymen who answered the call and praise to our faithful God. Let us be fully aware that our victories of yesteryear were not won by might alone, but by Him who formed the world and went before us into battle.

These were souls whose hearts were full of passion and conviction. Men whose word was their bond, their faith in God, their virtue, who by their sacrifice, conquered the enemies of our land. They are the brave, who stood against the dangers of their time, and gave to us our heritage. To all of you who stood and fought, and gave so much, to win for us, the freedoms we enjoy.... I give to you my heart felt thanks, we (all Americans) are forever indebted.

For I fully know that my freedom was bought and paid for by the blood and sacrifice of many. This brings me to the second topic that I want to express. I mentioned in my opening that I was American born and by the grace of God Christian. Please allow me this opportunity to share what I feel the Lord our God has placed in my heart a message that begs to be shared. I write not to offend, but to stir up your passion for God and country. I know that many have different opinions concerning faith in God and who am I but a simple fool who has dared to believe Gods word as true, and having been born free with privilege of free speech I dare to write and share my revelation.

I truly believe that our country stands at the crossroads of time where the actions of its citizens or the lack of action, will decide the future of our country. Just as our forefathers answered the call of duty in their time and placed their faith in God, we too must recognize our current danger, and rise to the defense of our families and country. I believe that time is far spent and that we now face a greater danger against our land than ever before.

A powerful enemy that conquers through stealth, pleasure, and peace an enemy that kills ever so slowly whose victims are unaware. This enemy is in our Hearts that have grown cold to the things of God. I believe our redemption draws closer and soon our savior shall appear and I fear that our casualties taken by this enemy will be far grievous than all who have died in the defense of our great land. For those who fought and died in Christ will rise again, but this enemy we face today, shall claim its victims for eternity. Let us awaken to this threat, and once again call on Him who is able to save us, Christ Jesus is his name.

As we draw closer to our redemption, we must realize that we have a lot of work to do. There is a call to arms of all Americans both great and small to stand up for Jesus in this last day, let us all draw closer to the Lord. We must strengthen ourselves in His divine presence. We must seek a right relationship with him. That is, “our relationship” with Him must be established in righteousness and holiness. God knows that we the church have failed, to maintain his standards, in our churches, and much less in society, because we too have compromised ourselves with the world. Yet we serve a loving God whose mercy endures to all generations. He wants all of us to enter into the kingdom of his beloved Son. He would that no man should perish... We have been given a short window of opportunity to return to Him let us do so while we can.

I truly believe that God is raising up men and women, young and old who are willing to pick up their cross and follow Him, despite the persecution and the fear they have of being shunned for Jesus. God is looking for those whose hearts are fully committed to Him, to show himself strong on their behalf. We must realize who we are in Christ Jesus! We are sons and daughters of the Living God, joint heirs with Christ Jesus seated in Him in heavenly places, at the right hand of God the Father. We are to unite in Christ and stand against the enemies of the church and of our country. We are to be brave and fearless as Joshua and countless others who throughout the history of our country prevailed against mighty foes who would destroy us.

Everywhere we turn we see signs of the coldness of our hearts towards the things of God as violence takes our children and divorce our families. We read in the papers and watch on TV scenes and stories that only a generation ago would have caused us horror and shame, yet today we sit unmoved. What apathy!

New age beliefs have made their way to main stream America and into the games and movies we and our children watch. These games teach our children how to perform incantations and curses and we call it child's play. And when our children kill we wonder why. Our fascination with the occult is driving us to points of no return and if we don't stop it we will continue to lose our children and our families.

Some of these new age groups go as far as conjuring up demon powers and principalities to do their bidding. Using the Name of Jesus and all that is holy, thinking that they have power to control these demons from hell. Yet they fool themselves, for the bible tell us that man is lower than the angels. The bible also tells us of how one angel destroyed thousands of the enemies of the people of God. Just one angel! Yet in our vain minds corrupt with pride and self serving we imagine that by following the enchantments and magic spells of pagans that we are in control.

How foolish we are and how blind we have become! Is it not written in the Word of God that those who participate in such practices will not inherit the kingdom of God. You see if you conjure up these demons (and that's what they are, you can call them spiritual guides or by whatever names you want to, they are still demon entities) they rob you of your true relationship with God. Whenever you are practicing these types of activities you are separated from God. To call upon any other person other than our Holy God and His son Jesus Christ is to practice sorcery and witchcraft, by which your souls shall be damned.

Sure there is power in satanic practices, and our egos are feed and our pride is lifted up and we are held in high esteem by the world. We give ourselves the titles, we grow our goatees, we are honored by men and dammed by God. Even some of our pastors have succumbed to the pressures of this modern age that makes man god. The Church in these days has lost its way, and it is time for the righteous children of God to shout NO More and take up their authority in Christ and take back all that has been stolen from us “The Body of Christ”.

Today God is calling us to repentance and Holiness. Let us stand together and fight against the world forces and traditions of men, that have shown us what they are capable of doing for us. Since we have allowed their unholy intrusion into our churches, our marriages have fallen apart, our children destroyed by depression, and drugs. The occult practices that promised us power, have robbed us of those we love, and our relationship with God, in whose presence, is the power to change the world if we would but reach out to him. His mercy is great and his love Knows no limits. He turns no sinner away who seeks forgiveness and repents from his wickedness.

Yes! we are in a war, that we dare not lose, a war that if not fought and won will cost us much more than our freedoms we enjoy. If we lose this fight, it will cost us everything we love, our wives, our children, our nation including our souls. It is time for the brave to once again hear the call to arms and rescue our nation and those we love from the darkness that is spreading over our land like gangrene. It is time to repent from our evil ways and look to Him whose hand is extended to us in grace with so great a love, that He shed his blood to make us whole.

We must decided once and for all, that come life or death, We as American men and women are going to standup for God and his Word Jesus Christ. Only then will we see the power of God! Church don't you see that if we never take this stand of faith, we will never see the Lord God move in power in our churches. It is when we decide to follow Jesus at whatever the cost that we are saved from our enemies.

There was a time when I decided to stay silent and not mention my faith in Christ. Yet when I stayed silent it did not matter to Satan. Whether we are silent or not, he is a destroyer come to steal and to kill and he is doing a good job of it. Why because you and I have been to cowardly to stand up in Christ and face him. So he continues to divide families and kill our unborn children, and those who are born he destroys through drugs and the foul music and electronic games we allow into our homes.

We are like Eli and his two sons doomed for destruction, because just like Eli who knew better and did not restrain his sons, we the church and the majority of our leaders, have not stood up to restrain the current trend to ungodliness in our churches, much less in our nation and in the world. And if we continue to turn a blind eye, we too are doomed for destruction. Let our pastors hear what the Spirit is saying to our churches

I am an American born citizen of this great country and proud of it. My Father and his brothers fought to keep the freedoms that we enjoy and are envied throughout the world. One of my uncles fought in the battle of the bulge and was captured by the Germans, another fought in Normandy and he too was captured by the Germans, another participated in the pacific and saw several landings on islands that I don't even know how to spell. Men who were willing to pay the price of the cost of freedom.

Yes there is today a greater threat to our nation and the world. It is our cold hearts and unbelief in the great and awesome God who gave us our victories of yesterday. Where are those men and women of old who looked at death and danger and never blinked or looked back from their decided purpose to stand in the gap for those they loved.

If the word of God is true and it is... the Bible says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever! Then it is we the church who have changed and fallen away from the following the Lord with all our hearts and with all our minds and with all our strength. And it is because of this sin of unbelief and apathy that we today are witness to the degradation and systematic destruction of our nation. Surely the hand of God is raised against us in judgment, and we know it not....

I am just one person who has decided this day and from now on to follow Jesus. To make Him first in my life and in my home. I have decided not to stay silent anymore and watch the destruction of my children. I have decided to pick up my cross and confront wickedness face to face. I have decided to stand on the side of Holiness for the sake of my family and friends and my nation. I have decided to make a difference for Christ while I am alive.

You see I have heard the call, that trumpet sound, from the lips of a loving God, that wants to show himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. And this call is to all that are willing to stand up for Jesus. There is an anointing for the church today that will bring the powers of hell and darkness unto submission, and that will free the multitudes. Yet this anointing is available only to those who truly want to serve the Lord and trust him with their lives and the lives of their loved ones. (They loved not their lives unto death)

There is a line draw in the sand. Jesus stands on one side and Satan disguised as the world and all it has to offer with all it's presumed free of charge pleasures stands on the other side. The future of our children and our nation not to mention untold millions of souls hang in the balance of our decision. To serve the Lord or Not. We can no longer be lukewarm.

But let it be known throughout the world that as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord! Whether I stand with my Christian brothers in Christ or alone, as Jesus did, I choose to stand in the gap for those I love and for those Whom my precious savior spread his arms and embraced at Calvary....sinners like me no more no less.

Behold the sound of the trumpet of God. It calls to the strong and weak alike, for once we answer this great call, then and only then, will we be clothed in victory. For it is in this act of Faith, that breaks that brazen heaven above, to release the anointing upon the church, that will free the captives of this world, to see the Son Christ Jesus and his sacrifice, that leads them to wash themselves in his precious blood, and behold the face of God. The choice is Ours!
Daniel Zepeda
Copyright 2003

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