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Patriotic Article
By Steven J. Newton

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A Military Prayer

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Many people have never heard a Chaplin give a military prayer. Many of you have never attended a military church service. Let me warn you that some military prayers are-----striking and strongly worded. I am also no Chaplin but I would like to say a prayer for our children soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that are on duty in over 100 countries around the world.
My Dear Lord God in heaven:
Thank you for letting me come before you, through Jesus Christ, with this petition. On bended knee I humble myself, as Your child. A child of God—a child of Jesus—a child of the Holy Spirit—a child of my parents and a child of the United States of America.
I ask your forgiveness my Father for my sins. I ask for your protection from evil. I ask for your love. I know I ask a lot and all You ask for is our love. But Father I come before you now in hard times. In a time of world war, terrorism, false religions, hate and doubt . . . Killing, tyrants, despots, anarchist and people who would lead others into aiding the enemy... The enemy of a righteous God and the only true God.
Lord, we have many fine young men and women who are serving their country in these evil times. They are lonely, scared, cold, hot, sleep depraved, hungry and home sick. But they are strong Lord. They are strong in spirit, strong in patriotism and strong in You. Be their rock and their shield my Father.
 Give them power over their enemies Lord. May the enemies of our country tremble before your soldiers and may we walk upon their ashes. May the dogs of the street lap up the blood of our enemies and may the vultures of the sky eat of their flesh.
Father, I ask that you place the shield of your Spirit around our soldiers. I ask that you comfort them and guide them in their Holy Crusade to rid the world of evil. Be their eyes and ears Lord and let no evil befall them. Grant our armed forces the power to kill the enemy and return home to their loving families.

Lord, comfort the wounded. Take their pain away and replace it with Your grace. Hold them in Your arms and wipe their tears away. Talk with them and let them know that we all love them and are proud of them and support them. Let no word of doubt come to them from traitors in their own country.
And my Father, take our honored dead into your bosom . . .  Comfort them in their new duty assignments . . .  Make them soldiers of the Lord God.

May they ride beside the Christ upon His return.

And comfort the ones they leave behind.

May they rejoice in knowing that their loved ones are with You and that our children were always Yours to begin with. 

And You know best . . . Grant them the comfort of family, friends and a grateful Nation.
Father, stand beside us in this world war . . . Be our guiding light. Open the eyes of the doubters and unite us as one Nation under God.
In Your Son's Name

Steven J. Newton
Copyright 2004

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