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Great American Patriot
George H.W. Bush

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President George H.W. Bush - Great American Patriot"George H.W. Bush epitomizes
being a ... Great American Patriot!"

David Bancroft, Founder and Owner of USA Patriotism!

President George H.W. Bush (1924-2018) served as President from 1989 to 1993. He also served as Vice President from 1981 to 1989 to President Ronald Reagan.

He began his lifetime of service at 18 years old in 1942 as a naval aviator in World War II ... He was also awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroics on a mission over Chichi Jima in 1944 ... after his plane was hit by antiaircraft fire ... completing the bombing run before turning to the sea. Bush managed to bail out of the burning aircraft, but both of his crewmen died. He was rescued several hours later by the submarine USS Finback.

Nor did Bush ever forget his flight crew's paying the ultimate sacrifice ... and being the only survivor ... committing the rest of his life to country and others in need beyond self!

After the war ... George H.W. Bush and his new wife, Barbara, moved from Connecticut to Texas with their first born child, George W. Bush (43rd President of the United States), where he achieved business success in the oil industry.

He then pursued his interest in politics ... first being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for the Texas’ 7th District. Also, prior to his Vice Presidential and Presidential elected leadership roles ... he served as Ambassador to the United Nations, Head of U.S. Liaison Office in China, and Director of Central Intelligence.

George H.W. Bush ... was also a kind, compassionate, and humble man ... who believed in service for the betterment of society ... as he referenced in a Presidential address.. "Points of Light are the soul of America. They are ordinary people who reach beyond themselves to touch the lives of those in need, bringing hope and opportunity, care and friendship. By giving so generously of themselves, these remarkable individuals show us not only what is best in our heritage but what all of us are called to become."

And in 1990 the Points of Light Foundation was established ... to engage and mobilize millions of volunteers to help solve serious social problems in thousands of communities. Through a variety of programs and services, the Foundation encourages people from all walks of life ... businesses, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, low-income communities, families, youth, and older adults ... to volunteer.

President George H.W. Bush was also respected by many fellow elected officials including Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Vice President Mike Pence reflecting on one of the late president’s favorite sayings from his Navy days.
"Ceiling and visibility unlimited ... That may well describe the essence of this man. And it may well have been his vision. The vision he had for his life, for his children, his children's children, and his country. No barriers, no boundaries, no limits."

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
"Throughout his life of service, President Bush personified grace. His character was second to none ... He reached the heights of power with uncommon humility. He made monumental contributions to freedom with a fundamental decency that resonates across generations. No one better ... harmonized the joy of life and the duty of life."

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