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Great American Patriot
Gary Sinise

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Actor / Patriot Gary SiniseGreat American Patriot Badge Sample - smallThink of past very patriotic actors like legends John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart ... and you will find the same in actor and humanitarian, Gary Sinise, who received an Oscar nomination for his endearing, memorable performance as Lt. Dan in the great movie, “Forrest Gump".

Gary seems to just go about his heartfelt patriotic efforts out of love and pride of America ... especially always being there for the troops in performances with his Lt. Dan Band, visits to them in hospitals, and just being there for them including providing his time when asked to do so by government officials.

And he has done so out of love and pride of America while never seeking recognition of himself for doing so ... troops, Old Glory, and country are what counts with Gary Sinise.

Gary Sinise with Iraqi Children while visiting the troopsGary Sinise's strong advocacy for the troops also extends to other noble efforts like the nonprofit organization, Operation International Children (OIC), that he co-founded with novelist, Laura Hillenbrand.  OIC came to be following a USO tour to Iraq, during which Gary Sinise visited with Iraqi school children ... and seeing the need to provide school supplies to students in Iraq and other countries through the generosity of the American people.

Gary Sinise speaking to troops on a USO tourOIC was closed in 2013 when Gary started the Gary Sinise Foundation, which serves our Nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need.

And there is no better way to illustrate Gary Sinise as a Great American Patriot then reading his own heartfelt, caring thoughts about our brave troops... 

"It's very important that we give back to these volunteers who serve our nation because they're on the front lines for us, and they need to know we care," he said. "Perhaps one of the reasons that I've jumped on board so strongly for the USO, and for supporting the service members in this time of war, is that I do remember how our Vietnam veterans were treated when they came home, and we can never let that happen again."  Air Force Link - November 3, 2004

Gary Sinise shaking hands with USAF servicemen"I think we do owe our troops a huge debt of gratitude for the sacrifices they make. This is an all-volunteer service, and they're around the world defending our country or helping others defend themselves." Chicago Sun-Times - September 24, 2004

"It is about, do you support the troops?  If you do ... it is a way of supporting the troops without it being political at all."
Hannity and Colmes, FoxNews - January 13, 2006

Gary Sinise with a troop and his familyAnd in recognition of Gary Sinise's great patriotic efforts out of his love and pride of America David Bancroft, founder of USA Patriotism!, wrote the poem, Patriot First!

Note ... USO provided information not in quotes

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