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Patriotic Organizations
Hall of Honor

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Patriotic Organizations Hall of Honor badge samplePatriotic Organizations Hall of Honor, established in 2015, recognizes nonprofit and profit-based organizations for their dedicated efforts associated for the good of America including assisting troops, veterans, military families, fellow Americans in need, and/or promoting American ideals related to the constitution ... and on a nonpolitical basis.

Patriotic Organizations Hall of Honor also pays tribute to all the employees and volunteers involved in an organization's patriotic efforts along with a nonprofit's financial supporters ... as the success of the mission is dependent on them.

The nomination of an organization is different from the Honor Halls for Adult and Student Patriots ... with members of the USA Patriotism! advisory board recommending candidates for the full board's consideration. A member of an organization can be nominated to the... Patriots Hall of Honor.

Patriotic Organizations Hall of Honor Inductees

American Red Cross | Boy Scouts of America | Silver Star Families of America | The American Legion | USO | VFW

Patriots Hall of Honor | Student Patriots Hall of Honor