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Fred Travalena
There For The Troops

Collectibles, apparel, and other gifts ... for Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and veterans!  

USA Patriotism! proudly recognizes . . . patriot Fred Travalena for his tireless support of our troops through the USO and other patriotic efforts.

As a PFC in the US Army 1964-1966, Fred Travalena received some of the best training and discipline as well as friendships, which still reflect on his life today. He often comments on those memorable days when he entertained for our troops while in Special Services. He also remembers when he had to clean his rifle, stand guard, and serve in KP. As he says, “the Army did survive my presence”.

He received a trophy for being #1 in the All Army Entertainment Contest as “Best Singer” which helped to launch his career. However, the singing was put on the back burner because the entertainment world found him to be funnier and he has done so through his comedy and impressions for 39 years.

For many busy years Fred was frustrated because he wanted to involve himself and entertain the troops. The closest he got was entertaining the President's at special events as well as at the Inaugurals, till finally someone said... ”you need to call the USO and volunteer yourself”. Well, who would have known it could have been that easy.

In 1981 Fred got involved with the National League of Families of POW/MIA's, for which he received a Congressional Medal of Merit for his services. For over17 years he worked diligently with the intelligence community, put shows on, raised funds through shows and in fact won a lot of money on a game show for the families. He produced 25 television commercials with many celebrities to make the public aware of our MIA's from Vietnam.

He then produced a show on the grounds of the Washington Memorial at the SylvanTheater with other celebrities and dignitaries on November 8, 92 for NATIONAL RECONCILATION DAY. The sign to move forward with the project came when Fred went to Rome with a small group of Christians who saw Pope John Paul. As the Pope passed the roped off space where Fred was standing, Fred asked for a blessing for National Reconciliation Day. After a step back, a pause and a repeat of the request, the Pope looked into Fred's eyes and blessed him and the cause.

Fred Travalena
Fred Travalena


Fred Travalena performing during a USO tour
Fred Travalena performing during a USO tour

Fred Travalena with a group of soldiers (MPs) during USO a tour in 2005
Fred Travalena with a group of soldiers (MPs) during USO a tour in 2005

In 2005 Fred went to The Balkans for the USO and visited several of the military bases, i.e. in Sarajevo, Kosovo, and our US Ambassador and staff in Vienna, Austria. In 2006 Fred went to New Orleans to put a smile on so many of our Military folks who are still continuing to clean up a most devastating catastrophe. Whenever possible he stops in at the Bob Hope USO facility at the Los Angeles Airport and most recently visited our wounded at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, as well as the James Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, Florida.

In 2001 when the horrendous event took place in NY City, Fred's home town, he took it upon himself to write a couple songs to put on paper what was in his heart. One being, PICTURES ON THE WALLS, which of course describes the endless pictures throughout the city of loved ones lost. Another song was about our flag, entitled the SPIRIT OF AMERICA. In tribute to our men and women, as well as our country, Fred sings this song and acknowledges our military servicemen & women in all his shows. This is a meaningful and moving song from the heart. 

Most recently Fred was bestowed the honor of placing a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery . . . How befitting for a person who prays daily for the safety of his fellow Americans, and obliges the Veteran Community whenever possible. 

In Fred Travalena's own words... "As a descendent of Italian and Irish immigrants who worked hard to create a life and a family in these United States, it is a privilege to be an American born citizen, and I am proud to be able to serve my country in whatever capacity possible.

Fred with pretty soldiers in 2005 USO tour
with pretty soldiers in 2005 USO tour

Fred laying a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Fred laying wreath at tomb of Unknown Soldier

As was my father who served in WWII in the Battle of the Bulge and received two purple hearts as well as a Silver Star Citation. My daily prayers go to the families who have lost a loved one or who may have a loved one in harms way.

We must all fight for what is right, and keep intact the privileges bestowed upon us by our forefathers who started this great country, who came together and gave us The Declaration of Independence and our Constitutional Rights . . . one nation under GOD with liberty and justice for all.”

Fred deserves a standing ovation for his noble, patriotic efforts in support of the troops and America!

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