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Patriotic Apparel

"Mere Chance ... A Greatest Generation Story" by David G. BancroftAmerican Pride: Poems Honoring America and Her Patriots! by David G. BancroftCemetery Woods by David G. Bancroft

Men's USA Flag Theme Shirts

A variety of men's shirts, including polo and Hawaiian, designed with Old Glory to honor our beloved United States of America ... allows you to express pride of country ... every time the respective shirt is worn ... The shirts showcase one or more other inspiring symbols and/or words about our beloved USA ... including the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution ... with all about ... the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free!

Click on the respective link of a patriotic USA theme designed Shirt below for more information including price and to order.

USA Patriotic - Flag with Statue of Liberty Men's T-Shirt

USA Patriotic - Flag with Statue of Liberty

This shirt with the USA Flag and Statue of Liberty along with other design options are available in different colors and/or another shirt style ... including Polo T-Shirt, Hoodie, and Sweatshirt ... with women sizes available too!

You can even Personalize the shirt with another design and/or add your own words of expression!

Vintage Flag We The People Zip Polo Shirt
Vintage Flag We The People

 Vintage We The People Flag Polo Shirt
Vintage We The People Flag

 Vintage Eagle We The People Polo Shirt
Vintage Eagle We The People

 Flag Eagle We The People Polo Shirt
Flag Eagle We The People

 Old Glory We The People Polo Shirt
Old Glory We The People

  We The People & Old Glory Polo Shirt
We The People & Old Glory

 Colors Don't Run Eagle Polo Short Sleeve
Colors Don't Run Eagle - Short

 Colors Don't Run Eagle Polo Shirt Long Sleeve
Colors Don't Run Eagle - Long

 American Flag EaglePolo Shirt
American Flag Eagle

 Old Glory Eagle Polo Shirt
Old Glory Eagle

American Flag Print

 1776 Independence Day Polo Shirt
1776 Independence Day

 Retro Stressed American Flag T-Shirt
Retro Stressed American Flag

Vintage Distressed U.S. Flag

 Being Dad and Old Glory Polo Shirt
Being Dad and Old Glory

 Grandpa and Old Glory Plolo Shirt
Grandpa and Old Glory

Stars, Stripes Bald Eagle Polo Shirt
Stars, Stripes Bald Eagle

American Flag Polo Shirt with Declaration of Independence
U.S. Flag & Independence

35 Unique USA Patriotic Designs

 Men's Casual American Flag Button Down Shirts Slim Fit Long Sleeve Shirt with 9 color
American Flag Slim Fit - 9 Colors

 US Flag Bald Eagle
US Flag Bald Eagle

 Vintage American Flag
Vintage American Flag

 USA Stars & Stripes
USA Stars & Stripes

 Honoring Fallen - Flag & Cross Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Honoring Fallen - Flag & Cross