Wounded Warrior Jerry MajetichWounded Warrior Jerry Majetich

Wounded Warrior ProjectSeptember 2013 - Jerry Majetich served his country as an Army psychological operations specialist fostering goodwill with the community. "We got information that closed down a couple of improvised explosive device (IED) plants and two propaganda centers. So we were quite successful." That didn't sit well with the enemy.

The day Jerry was injured, there were eight insurgents who attacked them. The attack left Jerry with burns over his entire face and scalp as well as 37 percent of his body. He sacrificed both ears, his nose, and fingers on both hands. During a firefight that followed the IED blast, bullets found his shoulder and leg. His spine was fractured in three places. And he says he'd do it all again.

After 62 surgeries, if Jerry looks back, it's only to remember those who helped him on his journey. "I've been through a lot," he says, "and I'm still kicking. I'm not going to give up. I never will. The minute you sit down and stay down, you may as well just throw in your cards, because you're done."

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