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Leading From Strength - U.S. Missile and Military Might (U.S.  Department of Defense / Army Film - 1962)1960 Leading From Strength
U.S. Missile and Military Might

An informative look at America's missile and military might in 1962 involving all the military services including scenes of missiles and rockets being launched; navy ships, aircraft, and ground forces in action; and, a night time Atom bomb burst.  


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U.S. Department of Defense / Army film

Here are many of the scenes in the film...

LS, Jupiter missile is launched. VS, entrance to Cape Canaveral, MP on guard. LS, four-engine drone plane takes off controlled by operator on ground. Bomarc missile is wheeled out of hangar. At control board, course of bomber is plotted. Bomarc is launched but purposely misses the plane. LS, SM-62 Snark missile is launched. LS, Jupiter missile is launched. Night shot, Jupiter "C" Explorer is launched. LS, Sparrow missile carried by an F-3D plane is released, streaks thru the air and hits a B-17 in flight. Honest John Missile is fired at White Sands New Mexico. VS, B-29 plane carrying a XQ5 Supersonic missile. Nike-Hercules is raised on launch stand. XQ5 missile is released and streaks through the sky. Nike-Hercules is launched. (No Strike) LS, Polaris missile is launched from converted transport. VS, personnel at controls in the blockhouse. LS, Atlas missile is launched. LS, C-119 plane flying overhead; mass of paratroopers jump and float to earth. VS, infantry firing rifles. MLS, mechanical mule with 106mm recoiless rifle moves across field. MLS, tracked vehicle fires mortar from its rear. MS, SS-10 antitank weapon fires missile at tank in distance. Shell is followed till it hits the tank. LS, multiple rocket launcher is fired and bursts on target. LS, M-2, 8 inch howitzer and M-53, 155 SP gun are fired. Bursts in distance. LS, several H-13D helicopters fire machine guns while hovering over the ground. MLS, TV cameraman recording battle. LS, Republic F-105 Thunderchief and a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter in flight. LS, KC-135 Jet tanker refueling a bomber. LS, Boeing B-52 Stratofortress carries an X-15 while in flight. LS, Convair B-58 Hustler supersonic bomber in flight. LS, ships at sea. MS, Delta jet takes off from carrier USS Enterprise. MLS, two-engine bomber takes off from carrier. MLS, H-34 copter take off from carrier. Mr. Hunter and Commander Harper chat on bridge of Enterprise. LS, blimp takes off. Destroyer pass carrier. Alfa missile is launched from destroyer and explodes in the sea. VS, Guppy-type submarine. VS, Atomic subs Seawolf SS-575 and Nautilus SSN-571. VS, Atomic sub Skate SS-578 breaking through ice at North Pole. MS, Admiral George W. Anderson on bridge of Skate. VS, launching of the submarine George Washington SSBN-598. VS, Marines come up elevator of the USS Enterprise and board HRS-1 (H-37) helicopters. LS, two HR2S1 helicopters leave deck of carrier. VS, LVTs on way to shore. Marines rush off LVTs thru surf to shore. MLS, Ontos SP antitank vehicle with 106 recoilless rifles and 50 cal machine gun moves up and fires. LS, Jupiter missile is launched. Fast cuts, soldiers advancing and planes in flight. LS, ship refueling in heavy sea. Night shot, Atom bomb burst.

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