December 7th (1943 film)December 7th

This 1943 film shows, mostly by dramatization, life in Hawaii before, during, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

  • Reel 1 explains the business structure of the island. Shows sugar cane and pineapple cultivation.

  • Reel 2 shows Japanese working in the sugar cane fields, operating businesses, and attending their national schools and churches. A Shinto priest explains that Hirohito is God.

  • Reel 3, Japanese observers relay intelligence to their consul in Honolulu who maintains contact with Tokyo and Berlin.

  • Reel 4 shows Japanese sending information to Japan by short wave radio and diplomatic pouch. Includes shots of Hawaiian scenery, hula dancing, and surfboard riding.

  • Reel 5, the attack on island installations commences.

  • Reel 6, the battleships Oklahoma, California, Pennsylvania, and Nevada are bombed.

  • Reel 7, the attack abates, the wounded are carried to ambulances, and funeral services are held at various sites.

  • Reel 8, the California, Nevada, and West Virginia are salvaged. The Oahu civil defense committee sets up barbed wire, sandbags, tunnels, and air raid shelters. Children are issued gas masks.

  • Reel 9, disloyal Japanese are taken into custody and a blackout engulfs the islands.

U.S. Navy film produced by John Ford and directed by Greg Toland

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