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Contributor: Merrill Vaughan || Poem Categories

Happy Birthday Americacountry as flag
Every year it comes around
No individual party but one big bash
Cook outs, time at the beach or lakes
Fireworks to light up the sky

Parades are held with buntings of Red White and Blue
Men and women in uniform march in perfect lock step
Clowns and horses are all abound
Children smile and wave the small flags given to them

This is a birthday for our Nation
For on July fourth, Seventeen Seventy Six
We proclaimed our freedom to the small world then
That we wanted to become an independent and sovereign nation

Yet, this year we find that Freedom is not free
That our citizens will be far away so another country can be free
For they will put their lives on the line for our ideals
But they know they will be thought of by those at home

For this is the Fourth of July for all to see
A land that knows its freedoms are not free
A land that does not forget our hard kept ideals
A land rich in history

Happy Birthday America
By Merrill Vaughan, Ret. USAF MSgt.
Veterans Assistance Site
Copyright 2006
Listed April 8, 2009
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