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Contributor: Pearlie Duncan Walker || Poem Categories

Soldiers, Come Home

Soldiers of war; come home soon please
Asking Thee Holy Father; take care of these
Each one is so precious; a family here at home
Bring them back to us Lord, no more this earth to; roam.

We miss you; we need you. You're in every thought
There have been too many days; that you've fought
You are so brave; we are so proud of; you
We know you put in all your strength; in all you do.

The pride we have for you cannot be; squashed
Anymore than the sand from your clothes; can be washed
This was the Garden of Eden, long, long ago
Makes my heart feel hushed; we love you so.

You take care of each other; as God watches oer
Keep the faith of God and America from shore to shore
Look beyond the handicap; if there is at all a way
So we will know that you could be home; just any day.

We know you hold each other up; in death or pain
I Pray God will keep each of you; bringing you home again
Precious will be the sight; to see the ships and planes coming in
Bringing home; to the USA; our precious women, and men.
Pearlie Duncan Walker
Copyright 2006
Listed 03/06/2006

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