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Patriotic Article
Heroes and Patriots
By David G. Bancroft

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USA Flag

Memorial Day Reflection
June 3, 2010

USA as flag

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honor guard carring coffinI hope you spent at least a few minutes on Memorial Day in solemn remembrance of all America's brave ones who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our great nation. 

I even ended my Memorial Day by watching the movie, Taking Chance, starring Kevin Bacon.  Well, it really completed Memorial Day for me in a very emotional way ... tugging at my heart every minute as Kevin Bacon's character escorts a fallen fellow Marine back to his family.

Marine handing flag to fallen's widowOh, how simple can the eyes mist up watching a movie like “Taking Chance” on any day, but it was really an emotional ride on this Memorial Day.  I felt so personally involved . . . I know it was partially due to me reflecting on my feelings when my youngest son was serving with the Marines in Iraq during 2003.  I also thought about the fallen whose loved ones communicated with me in person or by email.

21 gun saluteTaking Chance or other movies about the fallen should also be mandatory viewing by every student in the 10th or 11th grade shortly before the Memorial Day weekend.  Their teachers could then relate the closeness of their age to those only a few years older who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending America and preserving the freedoms that they enjoy everyday.  Now, that is what I call . . . really honoring the fallen!

Of course, the same applies to parents, who can sit down with their children at an appropriate age and watch  Taking Chance together . . . just be prepared for the questions to follow . . . with all of you remembering our cherished fallen heroes in thoughtful prayer.

You will also find Private Bluegrass...A Christmas Story by Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys a must read.  It is a well-written short story that will grab your heart from the start ... and stirred thoughts of Memorial Day again.  (Joe is also the author of the book, G.I. Joe & Lillie: Remembering a Life of Love and Loyalty.)

The same goes for his "home made" music video, Sacrifice For Me, and the Oak Ridge Boys' inspirational, memorable music video, Colors

Dylan CragleThen you must experience the singing talent of 14 year old Dylan Cragle by watching the video of his touching performance of his first original song, He Taught Me.  (Dylan was actually 13 when the video was produced in January.) 

The heartfelt song is about a boy thinking of his dad and all the kids' dads at war.  It was another moving experience for this father with thoughts returning to our fallen ones.  Dylan Cragle has my best wishes for a very successful music career. 

Another definite see is the music video of "This is Freedom" by Justin Unger . . . I was spellbound by the emotional visual impact of the video, Justin Unger's wonderful performance, his heart grabbing lyrics, and the inspirational music . . . all making me so very proud to be an American! And you will be moved be the images of the troops and thoughts of our fallen.

Even my grandson and his friend (both 15) were moved when they viewed it with me. I think it will impact you similarly.

Justin Unger's This is Freedom is a memorable, timeless song that underscores America's founding principles and pays tribute to Her heroes and patriots.

Moreover, there are many other wonderful music videos by a number of artists (legends like the Oak Ridge Boys,  aspiring ones like Justin Unger, and young new ones like Dylan Cragle) . . . and other videos honoring America's fallen heroes.

USO ... United Service OrganizationsAnd since USA Patriotism! has strongly supported the USO with high profile links at the top of its thousands of pages, I thought the Memorial Day period was an ideal time to write my new poem, USO - There For The Troops.

The USO also graciously accepted my offer to use my poem, Honoring The Fallen, at its Dover AFB location and elsewhere.  The USO at Dover AFB is where families wait in caring solace for their brave fallen loved ones' return to America.

David Bancroft, Founder of USA Patriotism!So, yes... Memorial Day was definitely a solemn day of remembrance for me.

May God continue to watch over our valiant, proud troops and beloved America.

David G. Bancroft
Founder / Owner
USA Patriotism!
Copyright 20

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