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David G. Bancroft
USA Patriotism! founder

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Poems, Articles, and NovelsDavid G. Bancroft, Founder of USA Patriotism!

This page is for those visitors, who would like to have quick access to reading my poems (patriotic and non-patriotic) and articles.  Just click on the respective link to access the poem or article of interest.  You can also use the search feature to find my and other contributors patriotic works by name, title, keywords, and phrases.

Moreover, you are welcome to comment on any of my patriotic poems and articles via email and/or at Patriotic Thoughts! with their links found after each creative work, which is the same for all authors of poems and articles listed at USA Patriotism! 

I am also available for speaking engagements and media interviews(You can learn more about me here.) 

David G. Bancroft

David G. Bancroft's Poems At USA Patriotism!

A Christmas Thought + video

A Fervent Love

A Walk Today

Always Mom + video

America Always There

America IS

America's Destiny + video

America’s Greatest Heroes

America's Presidents + video

America's Symbol + video

American Proud

American Resolve

American Sacrifice

American Spirit

Americans + video

Answering The Call + video

Beacon of Freedom + video

Beat Of America's Heart

Blessed + video

Brave Blue + video

Brave Young + video

Bravely Served

Citizens Like Us

Colors Run True


Country's Sake

Doing For Us

Don't Weep For Me

Duty, Honor, and Country

For Our Little Ones

Founding Fathers Today


Freedom's Gift To Iraq

Freedom's Precious Gift

Give Thanks + video

God and Country + video

God Bless Them

Happy Valentine USA

Heroes Gone

Heroes Unsung

History's Warning

Holiday Blessings + video

Holidays In The USA

Honoring Our Troops and Veterans + video

Honoring The Fallen + video

Hooray USA! + video

I Am An American! + video

I Am Here!

I Am The One + video

I Ask Of Thee

If America Had Never Been + video

I Look Up + video

I Took The Walk

In The Heart Of America + video

Land of Liberty

Little Boys Once

Love and Pride of USA + video

National Treasures

National Will + video

Never Waver

Noble Good Being Done

Oh America

Oh, How Proud

My Loving Wife + video

Old Glory + video

On Bended Knee + video

One Nation Under God + video

Our Heroes, America's Best + video

Our Sons In Iraq

Our Sons In War

Our Olympians + video

Our Troops In Iraq + video

Our Valiant Troops + video

Our Wounded + video

Patriots Among Us + video

Remembering When

Right To Question

Spitting On Old Glory and Country + video

Spouses Serve Too + video

Standing Brave For All + video

Student Patriots + video

Tears For Your Fallen

Thank God For America

That Day

That September Day + video

The First Americans

The U.S. Marines + video

The Wait

They Serve Us All

Uncommon Valor + video

USO - There For The Troops + video

Veterans + video

Vietnam War Veterans + video

We Are Their Parents

We The People + video

About A Person...

A Hero - Just Doing His Job

An American First

Danke Wayne Newton

Dear Mr. President + video

Give All That I Am

Hero Of The Corps + video

Hero's Men Came First

Hero's Sacrifice

Music Legend Patriots + video

Patriot Charlie Daniels

Patriot First!

Ranger Hero

Ray, A Great Man

Remembering A Hero

Robert Miller - Soldier Hero

Saluting The Gipper

Semper Fi, Jason Dunham

Thanks For The Memories

Ultimate Sacrifice

David G. Bancroft's Articles At USA Patriotism!

5000 Miles of Beauty, Wonder, and Fun

A Nightmare Scenario Becomes A National Tragedy

A Veterans Day's Thought

Always Remember Our Fallen Brave

America’s Heritage Up Close

America's Presidents

Artist's Expressions of America

Balanced Reporting On The War On Terrorism

Battleship, Shuttle Launch, Naval Air Museum, & More

Being Patriotic and Patriotism In America

Boots Losing Her Buddy In The Hedge Rows Of Normandy

Branson Is For Everyone

Branson Veterans Week - 100% Patriotism

Brave Blue - Honoring Law Enforcement Officers

Crossing The Line

Doing What Is Right!

Elected Officials Love America Too!

Entertainment, Fun, and Patriotism in Branson

Experiencing "Heart of a Hawk"

Exceptional Human Character

Fifteen Years Ago - September 11, 2001

Five Years and "Heroes Gone"

For Country and Family ... Not Self! + video

Freedom's Value

Giving Thanks For Our Blessed Holiday Season

God and Country

Good Times and Country Music In Nashville

Great Time Again During Branson Veterans Week

Holiday Season: Remembering Our Troops

Honor and Remember Flag - National Recognition!

Honoring Fredrick Douglass

Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring President George H.W. Bush

Hope, Memories, and The Fallen

Ideal Choice For America's Future

Just Doing His Job

Luck of America

Meeting Patriot Charlie Daniels

Memorial Day Reflection

Moving Tribute To Fallen Hero

Nation of Immigrants and Laws

National Treasures

National Will Five Years Later

Not Time For Impatience ... Media's Role

No More Politics About America's Energy Needs

Old Glory Is America’s Symbol!

Patriot Artist

Patriot Day - 8th Anniversary of 9-11-01

Patriot Day 2013 ... Steadfast and Vigilant

President Trump Starts Fast ... Keeping Promises!

President George W. Bush Put Country First

Reacting Similarly With Resolve

Remembering America's Blessings

Remembering Memorial Day

"Reviewing the Troops" in Art

Saluting The Troops At The Houston Rodeo

Seven Years Ago and Remaining Vigilant

SFC Paul Ray Smith... Give All That I Am!

Shot In Cemetery Woods When 7 Years Old

Silent Majority Needs To Speak-up!

Special Heartfelt Tribute

Spitting On Old Glory and Country!

Stand Ye Steady

Student Patriots - America's Learning Generation

Thanking Our Valiant Troops

The Right Attitude

Two Patriots' Soldiers Christmas Project

United States Air Force Academy Visit

Very Proud and Worried - A Father's Thoughts

Veterans Day Participation

Vietnam Veterans National Memorial at Angel Fire

We are the USA, Not the USW

David G. Bancroft's Non-Patriotic Poems
Life, Love, Faith, Family, and More

(Each link opens in a new window at David Bancroft's personal site.)

A Dad's Love + video

A Man of Character

A Mother

Acts of Faith

Always My Little Ones

Always There!

Another Life’s Year

Being Dad


Boy of Ten


Christmas Time

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Pope John Paul II


Father and Son


Free Will


God Is Here

God's Judgment 

God’s Patience

Gone Too Soon


Her Only Son

Hurricane, Nature’s Test
I Dream

I Miss

Just One Man

Just One Man

LIFE! + video

Life Given

Life Lived + video

Life’s Hourglass

Little Ones

Look Within

Love You Mom

Love’s Wonder

My Little Sweetie

My Loved One Gone

My Loving Wife

My Son

On This Christmas Day

Online Tasteless Meat

Our Walk Together

Peace On Earth

Pray All Will See

Proud To Know



Road of Life

Scenes of Wonder

Thanks and Praise

The Little Boy

There Comes The Time

They Are There

Thoughtful Reminder


True Love



We Call Her... Boots

What God Avowed + video


Youth Eternal

David Bancroft's Books

American Pride, Mere Chance, Cemetery Woods, and Waking Dreams


David G. Bancroft's Commentaries On Other Topics
(Each link opens in a new window at David Bancroft's personal site)

Another Cold War?

Crossing The Line

End of Times Nearing?

Everyday Priorities

Free Will and Consequences

Honest Differences and Political Ones

Intelligent Design - Creationism and Evolution

Mean Spirited (Nasty) Personal Attacks

Middle East - Religious Freedom and Civil War

Political Football Again!

Practicing Sportsmanship Beyond Olympics


Religious Belief and Political Position Conflict

Simmering Danger - Real and Present

Spark To A Fuse?

Taking Advantage of A Few Good Things!

The Common Interest

Time To Heal and Go Forward

Trust and God Is Here

What Next?


David G. Bancroft's Business Articles
(Each link opens in a new window at David Bancroft's personal site)

Perception - It Really Counts!

Procrastination Marketing's Enemy!

Profit - It Is The Bottom-line!