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Patriotic Article
By Felicia Benamon

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What does the 4th of July mean to you?
(July 10, 2008)

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We live in extraordinary times. Times that try men's souls, as Thomas Paine would say. These are times that prod the individual to assess where he/she stands in regards to loyalty to God and country. Americans could either lose their country or stand stronger than ever.

On our nation's birthday, it's pertinent to ask these questions:
  • Would you stand up for America should she be attacked, either verbally or physically?

Felicia Benamon
Felicia Benamon

  • Do you cherish her honored traditions, or are you trying to change America from within?

  • Do you recognize our troops as being a strong force, defending the nation against America's enemies?

  • Are you thankful for America, a fruitful land that has thrived, been blessed by Almighty God?  Or are you happily taking advantage of America's resources?

  • Does your heart swell with pride upon hearing America's many patriotic songs?

Such gratefulness to Almighty God and America should be forefront during the 4th of July. Many times the meaning of the celebration is lost during the barbecuing and fireworks. The 4th of July is designated as the birthday of America where in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was put together, declaring our independence from Britain.

It seems that many are numb to or have forgotten how we have been blessed and that countries like America don't come along that often. To ask the above questions of oneself makes all the difference in the world as we have the potential to lose this great nation.

Upon joining America's military, potential soldiers swear an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Not only is it the soldier's job to be vigilant for one's country, it is the citizens' job as well. But we are not acting in the best interests of our country. We are not acting as the original Constitutionalists did. The original Constitutionalists wouldn't be happy to see where America is today.

America has no room for those who do not respect this country. Such people are living within our borders. They do not understand what it took for America to get to its prominence in the world. They bash the United States out of jealousy, but continue to live here and take advantage of her goodwill.

A condition of our citizenry that is detrimental to our country is that many American citizens today are not familiar with sacrifice. In generations past, Americans put personal needs and wants aside and thrust themselves into the cause to make sure America remained strong.

I am always impressed with the WWII generation and how they rose to fight a looming evil that is similar to what America and the world faces today. Back at home in America, many women stood behind their men by going to work in shipyards and factories that cranked out planes and other supplies for the war. They were Rosie the Riveter. Their generation is one to be proud of and a model of how we should view our country and its stability. Sit at the feet of someone from the Greatest generation...learn from them, listen to their stories. They have something to teach us. They are a reminder, we must work together and realize who we are as a people.

As with any country, the people is what makes or breaks a country. Know the history of America. Know what makes America tick. Be appreciative.

Tell a Veteran how much you appreciate their service. Reflect on how much sacrifice is required from individuals willing to sacrifice for their they military personnel or any civilian who takes the concerns of this nation to heart. All those who endeavor to keep America moving should be celebrated.

Indeed, as Americans, we should be proud of our country. But let's not allow the pride to become toxic and overbearing. We must be mindful that our freedoms are fleeting. They can be taken from us when we least expect it.

In displaying our pride of country, we must always be willing to be on the front lines to preserve the liberty we cherish. Brave and bold men and women created this nation. And it will take such bravery and strength to keep this nation intact.

During this 4th of July, let us not forget where we've come from. Let us follow the example of the valiant efforts of those brave souls from our history. It will give us guidance on how to face challenges today and in the future.

Felicia Benamon
Copyright 2008

About Author:
Felicia Benamon is a conservative columnist who writes from a political perspective, but occasionally deviates to write about other concerns facing her country.  A patriotic American, Felicia hopes to motivate others to be more conscious of the current state of affairs in America, and to hold true to the wonderful traditions that make America great.  Felicia comes from a military background and is proud to support the men and women who put their lives on the line daily to protect American citizens and who reach out to help those in need across the globe.

This article was provided through content partnership with The Reality Check (New Media Alliance).

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