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Patriotic Article
Noble Efforts
By Steven J. Newton

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Folks I need some help. Not long ago we began to accept donations of used equipment for the Iraqi police. As you all know, whether for or against the war, it is imperative that the Iraq police take over more and more of the security for their country. And to do this they need equipment.

In our first request we only furnished an e-mail address and many agencies and individuals wanted an actual physical address where they could send the equipment. With the help of LTC Hughes we have coordinated a point of contact in Baghdad where the equipment can be sent.

Please send all future donations directly to: CPT Liz Young, HQs, MNSTC-I/Baghdad, APO AE 09316. Remember, sending mail to an APO costs the same as sending any mail in the U.S. Please continue to e-mail me with a list of the donated equipment so we can keep an inventory and also recognize you or your agency.

LTC Hughes also wanted me to pass along his thanks to all the law enforcement agencies and individuals who have promised equipment.

“This will be an exceptional gift to the Iraqi people and more importantly, show resolve between American and Iraqi citizens versus our military. It is the decisive point in this war right now and this will make a tremendous difference. General Petraeus will take any equipment---simply telling the Iraqi police and their families it's from Americans who want to help make all the difference in the world. “

Very Respectfully

LTC Chris Hughes

Folks the Iraqi Police desperately need: Boots, shoes, vests, batons, leather gear or web gear, handcuffs, uniforms, face shields, helmets and anything else we can spare that is not of a lethal or prohibited nature. AND THEY NEED IT NOW. Liability is low or non-existent because all of the equipment is donated “as is” and use at your own risk.

“We would love to have the equipment and would be very grateful for it. The Iraqi police will put it to great use.”

General Petraeus

Thanks to America Supporting Americans and our armed forces, we can make a difference. My brothers and sisters in blue, readers of USA Patriotism and to all who want to help: Now is the time to take action and actually make a difference. Lets show our armed forces the support they deserve and lets show our brother Iraqi police that we care.

And if you are an individual who just wants to help, please contact your local law enforcement agency and give them this information.

I know you can do it because we ALWAYS stand together. I have always been proud to be a part of the thin blue line. Make me proud of you all again. To each and every one of you, thank you and God bless.

For more information please go to:

Steven J. Newton
Copyright 2004

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