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Michael G. Reagan
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USA Patriotism! recognizes Michael G. Reagan for his noble patriotic efforts!

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Michael G. Reagan - Portrait Artist and Founder of Fallen Heroes Project / Michael G. Reagan Portrait FoundationMichael G. Reagan, a Marine Corps / Vietnam War veteran, is an internationally-recognized portrait artist who has assisted charities such as the Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Centre raise over $10 million through his drawn and donated autographed celebrity portraits.

As a portrait artist for more than 30 years, Reagan has drawn approximately 10,000 portraits including over 1,500 portraits of celebrities, professional athletes, U.S. presidents and other heads of state.

Michael G. Reagan's patriotic noble efforts started in 2004 . . . when he received a request for a portrait from a wife who lost her husband in Iraq. After completing the work, he donated the portrait to the family.

Patriots Hall of Honor badge sampleHe was so moved by the experience that he decided to set aside his thriving private practice to do portraits of every serviceman and woman who lost their life in Afghanistan and Iraq. He creates these portraits through the Michael G. Reagan Portrait Foundation's Fallen Heroes Project ... and only upon the request of the family based on pictures they provide.

Michael G. Reagan does these portraits out of love and respect for those who have given so much. He does not charge the family or anyone else for these portraits. To date, he has drawn over 2,500 of America's fallen heroes for their families . . . as the above photo illustrates.

Michael G. Reagan's goal is to do a portrait for every one of the approximately 5,000 families who have lost a fallen hero if they so choose.

He has been featured on many local news stories as well as nationally on ABC news and talk radio. Based on his dedication to Gold star families across the country, Michael was named the recipient of the 2007 American Legion Patriot Award.

See the video Portraits Of The Fallen that profiles Michael Reagan's patriotic, noble efforts ... honoring the brave ones, who made the ultimate sacrifice for our beloved USA!

As the father of a Marine veteran son, who served in Iraq and came whisper close to a different return home, Michael Reagan's wonderful portraits of fallen heroes grabbed me deeply with more thoughts of "what if" . . . and tremendous sadness for the loved ones of each fallen along with sincere gratitude, appreciation, and pride of the ultimate price giving by each one . . . that will always remain . . . Michael Reagan is so very deserving of his recognition in Patriots Hall of Honor! David G. Bancroft, USA Patriotism! founder

Special Note: Michael G. Reagan's portraits of celebrities, U.S. presidents and other heads of state include... Pope John Paul II (currently hanging in the Vatican); former Presidents Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, and Bush along with their first ladies; Bob Hope, Red Skelton, George Burns, Opray Winfrey, Harrison Ford, Gregory Peck, Joan Fontaine Ingrid Bergman, and Senator John Glenn. Michael Reagan has also drawn all the Heisman Trophy winners; most of the NFL Hall of Fame inductees; and, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Nolan Ryan, and Mark Maguire.

Several of the heartfelt messages to Michael G. Reagan from the fallen's loved ones...

Words can not say what our hearts feel. “Thank you” for the wonderful work of art you did of our son. “It is Shane”! May God bless your wonderful heart of kindness with His abundant blessings... My family feels one does not have to know some one personally to love them. When we looked at the portrait, we knew we loved you dear kind sir, be blessed...

With appreciation from our hearts,

Wendell, Ann, Jacob, Brandon, Raven & Clay

Thank you Mike!

There is something about a true act of kindness and love that spills over and moves beyond the one heart it was meant to touch, it cannot be contained. It sparks something in everyone it even remotely touches and creates something greater than all of us. It creates hope. Something we all desperately need during this time of war and tragedy. Hope, faith in God, and belief in the good that lies in mankind, this is truly what the world needs now. Your gift of love creates a chain reaction of hope and caring that I see igniting within everyone that hears about it. Thank you for igniting such a spark by sharing your gift with me and with all the other families who have lost a beloved soldier in this war on terror.

The loss of my brother has left me with so many questions, wondering if his sacrifice was really going to make the difference he hoped for and worth the incredible grief felt by all my family, but most especially his child's loss of a father now and in the coming years. While all is not resolved and the pain from this loss continues, I do have hope. Hope, renewed faith in God, and a stronger belief in the good that lies in mankind was something I really needed right now. Today is a better day.

Peace be with you,


I need to call you Michael because I truly believe you are Michael the Angel sent here by God. First you had to suffer before you could heal others. As I read this father's letter to you I knew in my heart that God had sent you to comfort and heal others.

Each time I read a letter from the family of a Fallen Hero I cry for them and I feel their pain. Mostly I feel their love when they first look into the eyes of their loved one that you so lovingly captured. As you know I felt the same way. I pray for you every day and I thank your wife for letting you be a part of so many peoples lives.

God Bless You

Mr. Reagan,

We just returned last night from a trip to Colorado and the young lady that was taking care of our house put your package on the kitchen counter. I knew the minute I saw the package that it was the picture of Michael. WOW! I cannot describe the feelings that my husband and I had when we opened the package. It was Michael looking at us with those sparkling eyes and warm smile. You are truly a gifted artist and can capture that special look that everyone has. Our family will always treasure this work of art and I hope that you know that you gave us back our Michael. I will have it matted and framed to protect it and put it in a place of honor.


Duffy and Sandy Watson (Mom to Michael Williams, Marine Lcpl, KIA 3-23-03)

Dear Michael,

Last night, Joe & Tina Norman traveled from New York to deliver us the portrait of our son, that you made for us. Michael, as I say what I am about to say to you, I want you to know comes from my heart.

I opened our gift from you and what I saw was absolutely breathtaking. We haven't seen our son since his viewing on Nov. 25th, 2005, the night before his funeral. Last night, we saw our son. Your portrait of JT brought a room full of people to tears. Tears of saddness, and somehow, tears of of joy. Joy is not something that we have felt much of lately, but last night, we saw our son, and he was finally back home with us.

Your talent, is such a gift. A gift that you share generously to families who are feeling such grief, such pain. We will never be able to thank you enough for what you have given us. You are generous, and your heart is full of love. We thank you and we love you for what you have done. If there is ever anything that we could ever do for you, anything at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you so very much Michael, You are a gift from God!
Peace & Blessings,

Tony & Naomi Lucente and Family


We recieved your portrait of our son Andrew today in the mail. My first response was having to take a deep breath and saying “Oh, My God.” The portrait is wonderful. You especially ‘caught' the soul in my son's eyes [even the slight crossing he had in his right eye], and his mischievous grin.

We will immediately get this professionally mounted. [Any hints or warnings to keep it protected properly?]

Thank you. I can't say that enough. You're doing a wonderful thing here for us “Gold Star Families”

Sincerely, Mark Ehrlich


I will pass out whatever information you want. I tell everyone about you already. Whatever I can do to help, I am there for you.

I treasure your portrait you made for me. I have it in my office. I really need to hang it in our memorial area in our family room, but I just can't stand to think of it being so far away from me. This Christmas has been so extremely hard for me. I put Jeremy's stocking up anyway and it remained empty. I almost expected him to walk in the front door, he did not. We visited his grave when his granddad was here. My other two sons are here, one even went to IRAQ and just came back. I was worried, they said that my sons did not have to go but he did. Tim is in the NAVY and he deals with the helicopters. He went over there for a little while and I did not know until he came back. At least he came back!!!!! They both love the picture your drew and are wanting it when I die. Until then, it is MINE!!!! I love that picture so much.

I hope your decision is what is good for you. GOD WILL REWARD you in HEAVEN!!!!

Take care,

Debbie Drexler

Information provided by nominator, inductee, and/or inductee's representative.

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