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Music Video

"Mere Chance" by David G. Bancroft

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Zac CharlesArmy Pfc. Zachary Wayne Charles Short strums his guitar in the motor pool at Combat Outpost Herrera, Afghanistan on Aug. 14, 2011. (Courtesy Photo)Until I Get Home

Performed and Written by Zac Charles
Copyright 2011

Zac Charles (full name - Zachary Wayne Charles Short) wrote and performed his heart grabbing song, "Until I Get Home", while serving in Afghanistan as a combat medic in March 2011. The song is for his wife waiting for him . . . and fellow troops with a wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend waiting for them too . . . And it should remain a touching reminder for troops and their special loved ones waiting for the return home from deployment.

Zac Charles' live performance of "Until I Get Home" in his barrack's room in March 2011.

Illustrated video of Zac Charles singing, "Until I Get Home"

Produced by wife of a deployed troop

Thank you Zac Charles . . . for your brave, honorable service for our beloved, great America . . . with best wishes for a safe return home and success in your country music career. David Bancroft, USA Patriotism! founder (August 2011)


Verse 1:
Honey I know that I've had to be away
Far too long, you shouldn't have to live this way
On your own, in that dark and lonely place
I know you need me there

So I'll be on my way home
Just as soon as my job is done
I'll never quit what I start
Which is why I'm still here, It's why you still have my heart
And I can't promise you much,
But you'll always have my love
Keep it close to your soul,
Wherever you go, until I get home

Verse 2:
Honey I know, that you want a normal life
Where I come home, and cuddle up to you each night
But while I'm gone, you give me strength to carry on
It's your love that makes me strong

Chorus Repeat

They say home is where the heart is,
That's where I wanna be
But if the Good Lord says it's time to go
Please don't worry about me

Cuz I'll be on my way home
and I can hear Him say "well done"
And I will wait for you my love
And you'll never be alone
Girl, just keep on holding on
Until I get home


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