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Patriotic Poems
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The Breeze of Our Nation
by Kevin K. Gribbon

U.S. Flag

My many rights and freedoms, mine to choose and hold
Earned by others, bestowed to me; by people brave and bold

Those gold print hats across the land, oh yes, so proudly worn
U.S. Vets from every branch, who served the greater cause

Separated families, parted by the seas
Men who meet their newborns first, already off their knees

Sons and daughters grow up fast, sometimes overnight
Facing unknown danger, in the darkest light

Ran into battle, legs blown away
We spoke briefly in an airport. He said, “I would do again today”

Plain grave stones and folded flags, so perfectly aligned
Men and Women who fought for me, and left it all behind

Fifty stars and thirteen stripes, supported by the breeze
How can such a gallant sight bring some to their knees?
When I choose my right to kneel, I bow my head and pray
I thank God for the sacrifice that keeps me safe today

A moral obligation is what I hold for you
Stand up straight with a tear in my eye.

Always respect the RED, WHITE and BLUE
The Breeze of Our Nation; You Keep US Flying Free!

Kevin K. Gribbon
Copyright October 2018

It is illegal to use this poem without Kevin K. Gribbon's permission.
Send your comments and/or use permission request to
Kevin K. Gribbon

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