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Patriotic Poems

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A Hope For The Future
by Manndi DeBoef

In a day when dissension is high;
In a time when one’s brother seems a stranger.
The world as we know it is shifting;
The media speaks only of danger.

Yet, I still witness acts of pure love;
To be found wherever you look.
It takes only to be that kind soul;
To prove love wins out in this book.

Protection for those we don’t know;
Acts of service toward strangers in need.
It starts a spark that will grow;
Turned raging fire begun by good deed.

A kind word to the lady at the store;
A gentle nod to the person sitting in traffic.
A pay it forward in the long coffee line;
A note of encouragement to the coworker struggling with life.

Overcoming evil with good;
Doesn’t have to be in the movies we see.
It starts with a seed of goodwill;
It grows to a fruit of love that begins with you and me.

Being thankful for the blessings we have;
Not aimlessly searching for more.
Lending a hand to a neighbor in need;
Diligently opening that dark heavy door.

‘I have a dream’ was a beautiful speech;
A lofty desire from a leader so rare.
It starts with putting differences aside;
Allowing love to grow in the cracks of pain laid bare.

A dream we should all seek to fulfill;
A reality desired to achieve.
Don’t look at the big picture here;
It starts with a soul that believes.

Let go of the blind bitter hate;
The blatant unfeeling hypocrisy.
It only serves to further disintegrate;
Two wrongs never make a right.
The time to stand up and fight for love;
That time is now, today, this very moment.
Love your brother, forgive your friend;
Draw close to the great healer whose love knows no end.

Manndi DeBoef
Copyright 2021

Author's Note:
In honor of Martin Luther King Day and a reminder to do as he did.

It is illegal to use this poem without Manndi DeBoef's permission.
Send your comments and/or use permission request to
Manndi DeBoef

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