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Talking With HeroesChaplains Discuss Efforts in Afghanistan
(Videos filmed during April 14, 2010 to May 12, 2010 by Talking With Heroes)

15-Year Navy and Army Veteran now Ft. Carson's 4BCT 4ID Brigade Chaplain Major Paul Madej with 1 Iraq and 2 Afghanistan Deployments. He talks about his Ministry with over 500 missions, about the Chaplains he works with and more!

Ft. Carson's 4BCT 4ID Brigade Chaplain Major Paul Madej talks more about Fallen Heroes, Memorial Services, Prayer and his Chaplains. He introduces Chaplain Timothy Brown who led Ministries in Alabama for 15 years. He is Ft. Carson's 704 BSB Chaplain. He talks about counseling, Prayer, coordinating Ministries and Serving the FOB.


4BCT4ID Chaplain Paul Madej and 704 BSB Chaplain Timothy Brown talk more from FOB Fenty Chapel about maintaining the Family unit, about Churches back home helping "People respond when they know the need is there.


Ft. Carson's 704 BSB Chaplain Timothy Brown talks about searching for who GOD is, about the country of Afghanistan, about his home back in America, about growth. They both give shout outs to family and friends. They talk about the good people of Colorado Springs.


Videos produced by Talking With Heroes | Thank You For Your Service | Email Bob Calvert, host of Talking With Heroes

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