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U.S. Constitution Preamble - "We The People"Declaration of IndependenceShowcasing Pride of America!

USA Patriotism! is all about ... expressing, sharing, and enjoying pride for the United States of America, in a "nonpolitical" environment with a ... mission to foster pride of America by her citizens and a better understanding about the USA from citizens of other countries.

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President George Washington and Great American PatriotPresident Thomas JeffersonAmerica's Birth > Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers' biographies, other First Patriots, Revolutionary War, national parks, and more

Articles and Essays > informative and inspiring proud words about country, patriots, troops, and more in multiple categories

Charity and Nonprofit Organizations > noble efforts helping others in the USA and elsewhere that areMembers of the Boy Scouts of America salute during the national anthem at the Boy Scouts of America 39th Annual Citizen of the Year award reception and dinner in Washington, D.C., Nov. 15, 2007. The National Capital Area Council honored Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates as citizen of the year during the ceremony. The annual award, which began in 1968, honors people who serve as a good example and are dedicated to helping youths in America. nonpolitical in natureArtist Ray "Bubba" Sorensen with his 2007 USA Patriotic Rock painting in Iowa

Graphics / Artwork > theme sets (site & desktop) and other designed patriotic artwork for use by fellow patriots to show pride of America

Frederick Douglass (1818 to 1895) Great American PatriotGreat American Patriots > honoring rare, exceptional Americans (past and present) who continually exhibited a love and pride of the USA through significant patriotic efforts

Salvatore A. Giunta - Medal of Honor RecipientHeroes > honoring America's heroes including recipients of the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, and our fallen

Music > heartfelt lyrics, amazing vocals, and captivating instrumentals combining for inspiring  The Oak Ridge Boys - One of the most successful country music groups, Country Music Hall of Fame inductees, and recognized by USA Patriotism! in "Stars There For The Troops"performances ... honoring country, heroes, troops, veterans and more with most involving videos ... Steven Newton - Patriots Honor Hall InducteeJudy Seale - Patriots Honor Hall Inducteeand many music legends.

Honor Halls > three halls that recognize adults, students, and organizations for their above and beyond patriotic efforts for country sake

Please meet Landon... His dad, Marine Lance Cpl. Andrew P. Carpenter (27) made the ultimate sacrifice on February 19, 2011 while serving with the 3/8 in Afghanistan ... a month before his son was born.  Photo by Maricia with Inara Studios - April 1, 2011Photos / Images > inspirational patriotic photos / images associated with the USA by fellow patriots and organizations including troops of the United States Armed Forces (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard)

President Ronald ReaganPoems > heartfelt, inspiring patriotic words expressing love, pride, and more related to our beloved America ... in six meaningful categories

Martin Luther King, Jr.Reference > events and tragedies; displaying and folding of the Flag; Pledge of Allegiance and Anthem; White House and other government sites; Presidential libraries; Memorials; National Holidays; lyrics of popular patriotic songs; resources just for kids; and, more

Quotes  > memorable patriotic sayings by Presidents and other notable AmericansSoldiers take combat positions while on patrol in Afghanistan.

Speeches > stirring words about the USA by Presidents and other great Americans

Toby Keith - country music artist and strong supporter of America's troopsStars There for the Troops > recognizing those celebrities who have been there for the troops over the years including information of their noble efforts with photos

Stories > real life events and fictional tales of a patriotic nature and/or purposeBrittany and Robbie Bergquist

Student Patriots > expressions of pride by student in 1st to 12th grade through poetry, essays, andTyler, Aurora and Evan Bonnette sign thank-you cards to the troops on April 21, 2011 at the USO warehouse on Fort Belvoir during a Operation USO Care Package stuffing event. Photo by USMC LCpl. Sarah Dietz art

Videos > tributes and stories about America, heroes, troops, veterans, military aspects, patriots, memorable events, war, and more


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February 22, 2018 - Sailors assigned to Coastal Riverine Squadron (CRS) 3 MKVI Patrol Boats conduct towing exercise as part of unit level training provided by Coastal Riverine Group (CRG) 1 Training and Evaluation Unit. CRG provides a core capability to defend designated high value assets throughout the green and blue-water environment and providing deployable Adaptive Force Packages (AFP) worldwide in an integrated, joint and combined theater of operations. (Image created by USA Patriotism! from U.S. Navy photo by Chief Boatswain’s Mate Nelson Doromal Jr.)
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