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American Pride: Poems Honoring America and Her Patriots! by David G. Bancroft"Mere Chance" by David G. Bancroft
Contributor: David G. Bancroft || Poem Categories

Spitting On Old Glory and Country

I am very disappointed and annoyed
Angry too
Over the pro athletes and other American citizens
Exercising their misguided
Freedom of expression
During the National Anthem
With Old Glory waving live
On a stadium's viewing screen
Or anywhere else!

Their respective reasons
Regardless if it's personal or collective
For kneeling and/or doing something else
Other than to express one's respect ... accordingly
Is an insulting mockery ... of
A priceless unifying symbol
Of national pride!

It is like ... spitting on
The constitution
And the Founding Fathers' other noble efforts;
Our brave, honorable ... active troops;
Law enforcement officers;
Other first responders;
All their respective veterans;
The grave of every fallen hero;
And the overwhelming majority of Americans
Who feel the same as I do!

In fact, it is ironic and ignorant
That anyone looking back in history
Relative to that time period's cultural mindset,
Bred from many generations,
Even before 1776
Can argue ... that today's
Cultural and social mindset
Applies to the leaders of a generation
Over 200 hundred years ago
Without willing to grasp
That there would be
No USA and Her freedoms
Enjoyed today
Without gaining HER independence
And the noble efforts of the Founding Fathers!

America's history
Is HER past
With striving not to repeat the unacceptable
In HER history
And that is what
Every American should do
Now and in the future!

David G. Bancroft, Founder of USA Patriotism! By David G. Bancroft
USA Patriotism!
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Author's Note:

I originally wrote these thoughts as a commentary and then decided to format them into a poem and created the associated video ... to better illustrated ... why I could no longer remain silent ... as expressed in "Spitting On Old Glory and Country".

It is all about being  a proud American, who happens to be the owner and founder of the top site about showcasing pride of the USA ... along with having my youngest son, now a Marine veteran ... escaping a fallen's grave ... by a fraction of an inch while serving in Iraq during 2003. Also, my mother lost her twin brother (19) during World War II in Normandy a few weeks after D-Day.

I am also very proud of being related to the Father of USA History, George Bancroft.

So, I decided to exercise "my freedom of expression" with this video that has a commentary and a poem (links below) associated with it. I just could no longer remain silent ... after seeing and hearing ... some Americans unwillingness to grasp and/or care about ... Old Glory's priceless value to Americans like me ... who are among the "once silent" overwhelming majority ... It is a "red line to us" that should never be crossed!

Then there are some in the media ... who seem to forget ... that they don't represent ... the majority of Americans either!

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